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  1. Been doing building maintenance work for a while now, so confident in maintaining whatever place I'd stay. Worked as a locksmith for a short stint and also was into the hobby for years (look into TOOOL if you're interested), got real dang good at that and still pick around for fun. Have some decent ham radios for comms, been doing that for a year and do my own basic auto repair. Overall handy. Oh, and not remotely recoil shy for... reasons. 


    Would likely try to use those skills as an asset in a community before I'd go solo. Strength in numbers. 

  2. Two types of range, usually a bow/crossbow and a gun, and usually a melee but recently ammo for us has been so abundant I just went with a silenced pistol and an SMG to save ammo space. Carrying less permanent slots in my bag is nice, even it's it's just one. 

  3. I haven't seen the "natural" crevices fill with water from rain, but the little drain ditches on the sides of the road do! Really cool touch. 


    I think it's because the drain ditches are programmed to and it isn't an aspect of the water mechanics. Imagine if it rained while you were deep into a mine....

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  4. 7 hours ago, meganoth said:


    You probably will have some fun there. I went there for a digging quest and a tier4 POI quest inside a town around day 50 and had to return to base after the dig quest for more ammo. Then the tier4 quest, it was one of the most intensive half hours I had in this game.


    But it also reminded me of the fact that the game only works if you really have limited ammo, if I had sprayed ammo like there is no tomorrow it would have been just another day at the office.


    I posted a while back about ammo being almost too abundant and I figured out the why... We've had our loot on max and I think that's probably inflating our numbers. Oops. 

    Ammo in A19 was almost the perfect balance. You'd find some, quest rewards gave you a good amount (sometimes) and it wasn't too hard to make. I kind of like more, but the challenge is definitely there with less. Even with more ammo we've still been struggling, that's saying something. 

  5. I've noticed this too. Back in previous alphas we were basically untouchable, especially once we knew which POI's to start clearing in the early game between jobs (often doing them at night even between jobs/trader hours). All stock difficulty, no modifiers. 


    A20 is much more difficult, here's what I've noticed:


    - increase in critical modifiers i.e. broken leg, infection, especially infection, things like that. 

    - increase in animal health/armour. Bears are obscene now, we avoid them like the plague. 

    - zombie "trap" events.

    - feral sense overall. I don't know if that's what is contributing to our base frequently being visited at night, but it's not so bad. I can see how this is difficult early game.


     I agree with others that spending at least a couple points in any one specific weapon skill is a must now. Bows seem to be the most rewarding if you demand economy and results. Crossbows are almost OP. 


    Personal taste though, I don't mind the game being a little more risky myself. After a while we started giving ourselves challenges in A19 because we were just good at it. Now it's challenging as is. We haven't even been to the Wastelands yet, wish me luck...

  6. 5 hours ago, fragtzack said:

    Hats off to this POI maker. This POI is insanely huge. Complicated, can actually get lost. Seems more like a Tier 6. Those big towers got nothing on this Pills Factory POI. I cleared Higashi tower with zero deaths. 

    Pills factory killed me 3 times!


     I could see 1 person working on this POI 40 hours a week for 3-6 months. 


    Such design, such master class building. Hats off POI makers of Pills Factory.


    And to the people who say Tier 5 POI not worth it: Well, that is only true when min-maxing  for quests. This Pills Factory POI is worth it just for the challenge.

    I haven't seen this one yet, now you got me excited. 

    The new Higashi tower is awesome too! A lot of really good detail put into it. Also 


    6 friggin' feral wights? REALLY?? I barely made it out alive. 


  7. 4 hours ago, ElCabong said:

    I'm just done a few treasure quests. I will aim at a spot of the ground and the shovel is going to hit every blade of grass above and below and around the point I'm aiming at. I don't even have to see the grass, if it's there the shovel is going to find it.


    Then I finally get to where I'm digging dirt and the hole appears above or to the left or to the right or below the point I'm aiming. I give up where I'm aiming and just go to where the hole is. then I can dig down consistently in a straight line. When I need to change direction though it's back to the way it was.


    I'm never sure if I'm digging where I'm aiming.



    I've had this little gripe too, if only because it makes digging uniformly difficult sometimes. 

    If you notice how the blocks "break" for ground, you probably notice it isn't perfectly square but sort of like a pie shape (though sometimes square, not ever sure why). I think it's that non-uniform breakdown that makes it easier to miss. As it loses mass it seems to actually change hitboxes making it easier to miss. I'd love a mod that lets you see a highlighted ground block just for digging

  8. On 12/28/2021 at 10:43 AM, Krougal said:


    Yeah at least that long, probably longer. I forget when it stopped being a decent product. Do yourself a favor, get rid of that garbage.

    Most of those tuner/cleanup programs are malware.

    After some digging I found out that a lot of this is parroting a half truth. I did dump it though, but honestly it seems like it's still likely fine. Without knowing how to dig into the code I can't say if it's trying to "phone home" at all or what else it could be monitoring, but it seems like the real story was that it was hit by a bit if chicanery back when it changed hands back in 2017. It came with a nice compliment of bugs like a keylogger, a trojan and even stole your bank data (which I assume is really just the keylogger). This only effected the 32 bit version of the program and was subsequently snuffed in a quick update. To my understanding it's still fine for 64 bit and always has been. 

    Dunno, not a super cool hacker so I can't say. But all in all it seems safe and the legend is riding on the coat tails of a lot of misunderstanding. 

  9. 5 hours ago, nostalginator said:

    I don't disagree with most of this, but-- as has been pointed out ad nauseam, the game already does fake-random. 

    FWIW, I don't want the game to be easier.  My objection is to pointless difficulty.  It's not an either/or proposition!  In fact, I would prefer not to be able to loot any weapons or gear higher level than (at most) one level beyond my ability to craft it, and I believe level 6 stuff should be available through crafting exclusively.  The game doesn't suddenly become "easy," however, because I found a beaker in a place where one might expect to find a friggin' beaker.  I don't see the gameplay detriment in that. 

    But by all means, give me MORE lead fishing weights, in a deserted community where apparently no one owned a boat and there are no lakes or rivers!  Where did they do all this fishing?  Ditches?  Culverts?  The water treatment plant?

    Given the new highway system it's easy to pretend the fishing weights are wheel weights. Also pure lead, and in more rural country you'll find the occasional Fudd combing the highway for just such things, covetingly. Same guys also ask you if you want your brass at the range. Strange breed, but respectable. Will always sell you mystery ammo for a fair amount of conversation instead of just cash. 

    I have noted some things feeling particularly "rare" but I've also noted that traders have always had crazy good loot in the beginning when I can't afford it, then awful loot when I'm rolling in dukes. The game knows... I've also noted this happens after a certain gamestage shift for us, and it feels like something I've always noted. I can't put my finger on it, but it feels like as you go up in GS the game shifts what you see and some things just drop off. Wheels, acid, engines or batteries are the first to go for me, then books, food recipes. 


    Ammo has been massively buffed to a point where I have three storage crates for just ammo, and I've made zero myself until recently. We play on stock difficulty, and I was rocking a crossbow until I realized I didn't need to conserve ammo anymore. 


    If you play with airdrops on, they really seem to have lost their luster. In the early game we got little "kits" like you can choose from end tier quest rewards, but now it's usually actual trash. I'm not sure if that's a sort of balance, which I don't mind at all, or if it's a complete shift in its loot table. Over all the loot feels a little different, but vastly better and more supportive of building. 

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  10. Maybe I've been used to it, plus personally (IRL) I prefer a 6'oclock hold. It prevents my sights from obstructing my target. Old school term was the "lollipop" method of aiming where your front sight post was the "stick" part of a target and just the top was considered the actual strike point. I can absolutely understand why this would feel "off" though for people. The first game I see let you customize your point of impact will get a high remark from me on principle. 

    2 hours ago, Deceptive Pastry said:

    Two things bother me about the guns: This, and the fact that guns with individually loaded rounds don't actually load one at a time. So I can't load just one shell into my shotgun then fire it.

    Most of the new gun models look nice but I don't like how, not only are the sights misaligned, instead of raising the gun higher they've just extended the front sights. Looks goofy.

    Same with the lever action. On one hand it's nice that I only slap in two shells and somehow it magically becomes eight. On the other, it'd be nice to see a level of detail where each round counts. It'd make wanting the auto shotgun more important, same with the marksman/sniper. That magazine would remove tedious loading time. 

  11. Fires are pretty much your only workaround without getting insulated mods for your armour and wearing cold specific clothing like puffer jackets and the beanie. I don't remember if workstations still give a heat bonus anymore, as I've pretty much stopped building homes in the snow biome because the wildlife got out of hand since A19. Torches can help a little, but obviously ties up your hands a bit. The Well Insulated perk works for both snow or the heat if you're interested. 

    I actually don't mind this feature too much, personally as it's relatively true to snow. You don't just get cold, you get wet, and wet + cold = dangerous. I appreciate they don't have a frostbite debuff!


    Fires are pretty much your only workaround without getting insulated mods for your armour and wearing cold specific clothing like puffer jackets and the beanie. I don't remember if workstations still give a heat bonus anymore, as I've pretty much stopped building homes in the snow biome because the wildlife got out of hand since A19. Torches can help a little, but obviously ties up your hands a bit. The Well Insulated perk works for both snow or the heat if you're interested. 


    Like it doesn't really make sense like wouldn't that protect you from getting wet in real life? Like if it was rain then maybe it would make sense to get really wet unless if you had an umbrella which isn't in this game but it's snow

    Snow has a nasty habit of clinging to you and melting, which is why you get wet. You also sweat like crazy with all of the layers on (IRL) which is another factor. Sleet is a real thing (rain/snow mix). If you read a survival guide and check any "frigid conditions" portion they will all emphasize the importance of staying dry because it makes you colder if you're wet, plus the low temperatures make it nigh impossible to dry off. 


    /end nerd rant.

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  12. 5 minutes ago, Darklegend222 said:

    We had the same issues with 4x4s being in the sky, hopefully the issue will be resolved by the time it goes stable. The biggest issue is that this is an experimental build, in an already experimental game. I keep having saves break on me every in game day so I'm currently installing it to a different drive that I know works perfectly

    We have had minimal issues save a few bugs that can be fixed with a log off and back in. As far as expirimental builds go, this one has felt pretty decent and I know the loot tables are going to get a rework. After the second horde we played on max loot bonus which seemed to really just be a multiplier for things like books or schematics and some contingent loot. Even before that we were finding an insane amount of ammo which I know in my bones will get nerfed (sadly). With max loot on it's to the point we haven't even made ammo and we have more than we know what to do with. Three storage crates chock full and maxed. The adjustments are real. 

  13. 24 minutes ago, Darklegend222 said:

    I could be talking out of my ass, but I think it's because they update the unity engine which is why a lot of it breaks and needs to be written differently to some degree.

    Makes enough sense to me, but I don't know jack about programming. 

    We got our bikes, went home, logged off then came back the following day and both bikes migrated about 20m each in odd directions. To me it has to do with the hows and whys of vehicle location caching and why that's being fudged. Back in A19xp I came back and my motorcycle was in the sky and I had to nerdpole up to it and pick it up. That used to be the problem was just a massive vertical climb and they'd rest. 

  14. 22 hours ago, bdubyah said:

    Need the clock tower to function as well. And maybe some of the wall mounted clocks also.

    Given that we don't know how much time passed it would be kind of fun and eerie to go into an office and hear the clocks ticking and zombies snoring. It would be really cool if the clocks kept in game time, too. 

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