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  1. Pretty sure the generic skill notes are the item that grant a skill point when you read it. You might need to hold it in your hand and click to read if you can't read it from inventory.
  2. For existing games started in 2.04 with stable 17.2, should we update vanilla to 17.3 or stick with the 17.2? Thanks!
  3. First, I appreciate your responsiveness to all of the comments on here. Thanks for all the hard work. When you say titanium frames are going away, does that mean you're removing the ones already implemented, or just adding new shapes that skip the frame step? As a player who is somewhat prone to misplaced frames while building, I like the functionality of frames for easy editing of placement (and dread having to chop out a 25k mistake, hehe). Is it extra work to leave in the simple frame shapes? If so, I can certainly adapt and take more care or just use wood frames as placeholders. Thanks again!
  4. Is there a way to make titanium bars that are not centered? The only kind I've found outside of the creative menu have been the centered kind. Thanks!
  5. I noticed today that the hunter class mastery, which says it unlocks titanium ammo recipes, does not allow crafting of titanium arrowheads. Is this intended? I found the perk that unlocks the ti arrowheads in the generic perk list, but it doesn't unlock until level 100. The ability to craft ti arrows isn't very useful when one is unable to craft the appropriate arrowheads. Relatedly, does the titanium spear recipe unlock with hunter mastery, or is that also only in the generic titanium crafting perk? Thanks for the help.
  6. I have never tried it, but it has been stated in the past that the trader guards were causing exceptions in multiplayer and were disabled on the server version. I suspect that's the cause of your problem, Tklaebo.
  7. I've run into a problem today. When I continue my game, I get red exceptions while loading that state "Loading and parsing 'biomes.xml' failed" and "Block with name 'DFterrRadiated' not found." The loading continues but then I get a whole screen of yellow exceptions telling me that Biome image contains unknown biome color RGBA(#,#,#,#) at x/y. If the game I'm loading is the first one I've continued since launching the mod, I then complete the loading and can carry on as usual. If I have left a different savegame and try to load a 2nd savegame without relaunching, the yellow exceptions loop infinitely and I have to altF4. Additionally, once I successfully load (after receiving the exceptions listed above), my regular playing partner receives the same red exception while loading and then freezes completely. I looked at the biomes.xml file and found references to DMterrRadiated, but I don't know what to do with them and am afraid to tinker too much. Does anybody know what's up or how to fix this?
  8. I mostly play coop with 1 other player. Our perk progression is different somehow, specifically in the advanced engineering line. My AE requires tier 3 and level 60 to allow cement mixer production, but his only requires tier 2 and level 30. Is one of us running a previous build somehow?
  9. Sorry for the subject change, here, but I was looking at the different guns and noticed that the stats on the shotgun and combat shotgun are identical. Is that a display error or are they actually the same gun with a different skin? Also, for the automatic weapon perk in the Security class line, does the AR15 get a bonus or is that categorized as a rifle? Thanks in advance.
  10. Great job having the updated version ready so quickly. Sorry if I missed this info above, but will the 2.04 version require a fresh game or can games from 2.03 be continued? Thanks for all the hard work.
  11. EDIT: I might have found the answer. Does Yeah, Science level 2 include steel arrows? It grants "advanced bolts and arrows." That seems right? ----------------- I made some steel arrowheads so I could craft some steel arrows but the craft button was grayed out and I got the message that I don't know the required recipe. I looked through all of the perks and was unable to find reference to steel arrow crafting. Does anybody know what perk grants that ability? @Akrux: I don't know all the answers to your questions, but the mod has been patched and gore blocks have been removed. If you still see gore block, it is because you are not running the latest version of the mod.
  12. That's a huge help, thank you. I'll give it a try. EDIT: Success! It was the xml file in the TempMods subdirectory pathway that needed the edit. Thanks again for the awesome assist.
  13. I tried this but every time I log in, gore blocks are still there. Also, when I exit and inspect the xml file again, the values have been reset to 1. Is this a function of the mod launcher syncing and overwriting the edited xml? I'm mostly new to modding and completely new to the launcher, so thanks in advance. Excellent mod overall, btw, thanks for all your hard work, KhaineGB.
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