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  1. This sure would be appreciated.
  2. The traders can be fixed by editing the five trader prefab files (data\prefabs\settlement_trader_01.xml through settlement_trader_05.xml). Enable the commented out section by removing "<!--" and "-->" from all five trader prefabs. Also, change the TraderArea property from False to True in the same files. I recently made these fixes since only two of ten cities I have found so far had traders buildings and both had dead/missing traders when discovered. Without an official fix this is a solution to have traders. Otherwise cash and coin are worthless. I look forward to discovering a living trader.
  3. ugh Current version seems to be 4.0.1 but 4.0.2 has been mentioned. What is with the naming convention? There must be three versions of 4.0.1. Dirty on day one without checking one body? Getting killed on day one by a green skirt fast zombie before I even have a weapon? Where is the info? How do I get un-dirty? Soapy towel needed on day one? Currently I am stuck on "Upgrade House Door 1." Does that mean I need to make a door? Upgrade a door? Neither worked. Why is everything so obtuse?
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