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  1. So there is still changed with the next patch? and .... how can I get the crossbow with the bolts?
  2. Ravenhearst 4.0.2 Archer-Class there are still problems with the bow class. It is indicated that you get a crossbow with 250 iron bolts, but you get only a 300er arc with 250 iron arrows. in other classes, it is similar. that's a bug, right?
  3. Forget Iron ------------ could you explain that to me again please? I did not understand it because I can not speak English well. You said that you have inserted a recipe there. Unfortunately, I can not find a recipe. could you please explain that to me again? Thank you very much
  4. Forged Iron Hi, I know that there was already an answer to this question, but I did not understand it.since my english is not good, it would be nice if you explain that to me again. How do you make forged iron? It was said that there is now a recipe for the press. but I get no prescription. I do not understand that Please write in Step to Step. Many Thanks
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