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  1. If all goes like current situation, we wont be seeing stable for at least a month .. xD
  2. Yes yes I also like skyrim very much, but whats with this freakin fog and clouds all the time, rly @%$*#!ty @%$*#! weather & cant see a sht all the time, pims whats up with that? performance gets worse with each experimental vs a16
  3. When will underwater bases will make some sense when looking out of a window ? glass vs no glass ..
  4. Sry but I think its the worse idea I ever have seen on this forum..
  5. Btw quite a few ppl are missding old LBD system but it wont come back so one suggestion would be to add additional class/item quests for example: like previously metioned challanges where u need to fulfill certain tasks to get additional bonuses/stats for your class or maybe just for a single tool, weapon or any other item. Need to destroy certain amout of blocks, kill number of zomies, eat/drink something number of times, etc Some requrments could be plain silly, but still it will offer some more things to do in world
  6. 1. Bringing back LBD in some way would be nice ( probably wont happen but anyway ..) 2. Weapons and tools consist of parts that u need to assable. 3. Item degradation system 4. Quests that requriers defending poi or npc from zeds or horde. 5. If u get all the mining books than 20% to one hit ore ability should also affect all other ground blocks not only ore. 6. Add 50 bmg sniper rifle to the game 7. Add lifts or elevators to the game or make different type of ladders that make u move faster or add perk for it. Maybe some
  7. All on default well looting a gun on day 1 might depend on luck a bit, toilet pistols usually is the best bet or doing few quests to buy a gun in day 1 or 2 dunno and there is quite a few vending machines around too usually each have at least 2 food cans to buy, same goes for trader. In the end all boils down to indiviual preference, one likes to gather meat and cook, other just loots food and 3rd one buys it ..
  8. Tested lucky looter in dev mode - early game totaly useless and not worth it even maxed out, maybe in endgame ... Wanna more use? Then invest in bartering perk to get traders secret stash up, that way u will get way more benifit ..
  9. Ima playing lastest a19 exp tho i only playing mp i keep looting houses and so far havent had major food problems ... ima playing fast, know where to go and what to loot, and maybe if u are playing slower and looting all the crap then maybe thats the issue for not finding enought food or stuff ..dunno about sp, dont bother with it, starting from a17 sp feels even more booring af ..
  10. Plenty of food cans in poi shelves, sometimes even pies or meat stews, or can buy off food vending machines or traders, all that hunting and cooking takes too much precious time early game And usually i manage to get gun in first or second day
  11. I play mp all the time and so far there is no problems getting food and none is starving even in current situation when you need to eat like a frikin pig to keep sta up .. If i want feathers and bones I just go to wasteland and play with some birdies and dogos If i want to eat i dont try to tickkle bear with a buch of wooden arrows but simply unload full magazine in head and go prepare a grill
  12. I dont even bother hunting without a gun, same I dont bother with hunting some weekling chickens or rabbits or using a bow show me a bear and then we talk
  13. Whats this idea about key finding? You want to play in open world destructable envairoment but want keys to open indestructable safes? Any safe should be opened with a simple banging, using drill and locpicks, timed charges, maybe even with few good aimed shots from 50cal or yes a key 😁 I would want to see a pimps to implament chance to rob a trader
  14. Very nice suggestion 🙂 dont see rng as a big problem as long if you can craft necessary parts or buy off trader ( endgame/special ones could be loot only or obtainable by traders top tier secret stash)
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