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  1. 1 hour ago, MechanicalLens said:

    Military armor is the best armor for stealth. ;)

    No armor, night vision goggles, maxed out skills and prayers that the game doesn't provide a sleeper with 20 points into perception :)

  2. 43 minutes ago, Demandred1957 said:

    How?...The player can't climb up wood frame blocks, so why should they be able to?

    Because they're not holding weapons and carrying a bunch of stuff bobby. And oh, game design.

  3. 11 minutes ago, madmole said:

    No that is too heavy handed. Building is part of the game and from my experience is needed for many POIs where a jump or ledge is way too risky, so I build my own frame walkways.

    I doubt it, but there are special infected coming. Maybe the wight will get replaced with the Revenant since they look kinda similar, etc. The wight doesn't have any special abilities so he could be the look for the Revenant, or another one actually. Bear in mind the Revenant isn't even for sure going into the game. I have all the special infected zombies designed now, but I need to show them to the team and then we pick the best ones, talk about how feasible the ideas are to program, etc.

    Will the revenant shoot with missiles and play the trumpet? :)

  4. 46 minutes ago, madmole said:

    My reply does not dictate the future.

    I disagree, Fallout's building system can make super awesome bases that are 500x better looking than what we have. 1 meter thick walls are pretty horrible to look at and the restriction of 1 model per meter kills immersion.


    No Voxels doesn't mean no random gen.


    Switching to Unreal doesn't mean no voxels. You can get voxel farm for unreal or we could port our code.


    We can probably fix the limit of only one block per meter, then we could make thin walls and more realistic looking POis, bases, clutter, etc.

    Anyhow at our current pace, (one game in 8 years) 7 days 2 is at least 18 years away. We're committed to two other games first, 8 years per game plus two year of dev for 7d2d2 alpha 1 puts that 18 years away. SO whatever we say now isn't reliable :)

    BTW, It won't take that long I don't think, but 7 days 2 isn't even a design document yet. We have 1 to finish, and 2 other games that at least need to be in alpha and one done probably before any movement on a sequel can happen.

    I know some people think 7 days has "must have" features. What those are, is very subjective. I know that my vote would probably be RWG with fully destroyable world and tower defense, and RPG. Those are my must haves. That doesn't mean voxels though. It could just be models with physics by then. The need for voxels is diminishing as draw calls get cheaper and hardware improves. At the end of the day a voxel is just a mesh on a grid sharing a texture atlas. We area already only a partial voxel game anyway. Remove the limits and have all the fun part I say.

    He probably has forum PTSD.

    Though 7 days to die is pretty immersive, sometimes the miscellaneous blocks are so characteristic and well placed, that i forget it's block based. Indeed Fallout 4's building system is an absolute beauty (I spent most of my time preparing realistic settlements for raids :D),  the problem is that it lacks destruction or AI interaction with what you have built.


    But to be honest 7 days to die just needs more characteristic and big decoration blocks to make certain PoIs much better (it's a hassle having like 5 metal poles just to make a door frame and not allow players to place a block there for example). One thing that would help is more crouchable areas (half life peeking in the corner) with actual hollow blocks specific for that. Just a thought. Still 7 days to die currently gets the visuals job done very well.


  5. 15 minutes ago, madmole said:

    Junk drone might become a remote control building tool, so you can fly and build like in creative mode. Then we could remove or limit nerd poling. Like only so many frames high before it collapses. I don't see nerd poling as a cheat though, we just need it so zombies can climb up a nerd pole just like a ladder or knock it down with one hit successfully, easily, etc.

    I'm waiting for zombies to be able to climb ledges (some jump and grab onto the ledge even higher).

  6. 52 minutes ago, Yopo said:

    Wow, way to crap on those that enjoy. Stealth play. Killing zombie play. Destroying things play and looting play.  Good job you 

    My bad i meant to say "If you think nerpoling is more fun than*"

  7. 15 minutes ago, MechanicalLens said:

    And how does the way other people play their game affect you? (Outside of a multiplayer server, of course.) I say, live and let live.


    Plus, just think for a second what building would be like without nerdpoling in 7D2D. Think about it for a moment, and if you'd be fine with it, how many other people wouldn't be?


    I personally dislike cheesing POI's by magic hopping my way to the top. So, I don't do it. End of story.


    Nerdpoling isn't a cheese strat. It's a useful tool that some people exploit to their advantage. If you really believe you're better than them, then don't do what they do. Simple. *Shrug*

    It doesn't affect me, in fact i never said anything about nerdpoling in the first place (besides mentioning it)  until the dude replied to you, it can stay for all i care. The thing is that he was defending nerdpoling by saying actually exploring a major part of the game isn't fun.


    Again, I don't care about nerdpoling and obviously building would be tedious.


    I don't do it either.


    Nerdpoling is a cheesy strat, like blocking entrances with a single block (when they break a door down) but being able to hit them safely, spam repairing something with a nailgun, get on the roof of a PoI and wait out the blood moon. 


    Again, I'm not defending the removal of nerd poling or the usage of it, i'm just saying that his argument was pretty delusional and quite disrespectful towards the work that has been done trying to get to make the PoI's interesting.




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  8. 14 hours ago, Demandred1957 said:

    Yeah, lets just take all bits of fun, or doing something in other than a pre-ordained way out of the game.. In fact, why bother to even play it?

    That's a pretty bull@%$*#! and flawed point of view. I can counter-argument by saying, what's the point of detailed PoI's anyway? What's the point of level design? What's the point of weapons? What's the point of even fighting? Just get some wood, nerdpole, collect stuff like a freaking squirrel, stuff em, and drive around the bloodmoon or hide from it at the top of a building you nerdpolled to...


    That defeats the purpose of most of the work put into this game.


    And what's the fun in nerdpolling again? If you have more fun nerdpolling than stealthing, killing, destroying and looting your way through a PoI, then you must check your standards.


    Oh and you talk with stupid hyperboles like going through a PoI is a massive burden (which isn't) that takes the whole fun out of the game and drives your linearity detector into overdrive...the hell?





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  9. Just now, MechanicalLens said:

    There's also plenty of POI's that have locked vault doors. There's a reason for their existence: other than immersion (why wouldn't there be a door into x room?), they're there to deter people from going that unintended route and continue along to follow the lights. Of course though this is a fully destructible environment, you can do what you want, but you get what I mean.

    That's why i stated "normal" doors :)

  10. 3 minutes ago, MechanicalLens said:

    I'm pretty sure madmole stated that having lockpicks work on locked doors is not going to happen, for PVP reasons and because opening a locked door would just make it easier for players to go off the intended path in a dungeon.

    Keep in mind most of the PoIs have easily breakable wooden walls. You would also be sacrificing lockpicks to JUST get through 1 door. About the pvp part, i'm talking about the non-craftable doors, and if that's still a problem, land claim blocks are a thing.


    EDIT: Oh and there's no anti-nerdpolling in the game.

  11. 17 minutes ago, madmole said:

    If I can use tools for free (hello inconsistency) why bother with clubs and melee weapons? I'd just endlessly power attack everything with my wrench/axe.

    7 Days is the only survival game with actual time management. In the other games the worst thing that happens if you do nothing is you might starve to death. Plus food use is tied to stamina regeneration. So the more you "do stuff" the more your food needs etc. In 7 days a horde is coming to kill you, so stamina use and time management are all part of that growth curve from dud to stud.


    It is overcome with perks/food/drink so what is the problem? You can't have it now, instantly?

    Sure it takes you out of the game while you wait, but if you are smart,  you craft/scrap things and reload your forges, etc while your stamina recharges. It gives incentive to cook the good foods, instead of all food being useless other than to fill the meter like other games.

    Works great for me.

    Guys, stop with the gun nut talk, we aren't adding /changing any guns except primitive pipe weapons in the future.

    Will you be remaking models though? The marksman rifle, smg and even ak-47 look outdated as hell (and some of the sounds aswell).

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  12. @madmole Some questions if some quality of life changes are being worked on:


    - Option to change toggling/holding ADS? (I know they are both implemented, but the response for the holding ADS is super slow compared to any other shooter)


    - Buyable/Craftable in-game lights for the players to use (some were removed since A16 for some reason, and i keep getting teased by the construction lights in PoIs)?


    - New honk sounds for the motorcycle and truck?


    - Actually shifting sounds for the vehicles instead of the boring loop one? (You have the gear shift sound when you start moving after being still, then it goes into a monotone loop)


    - Make burst fire actual burst fire? Right now it's just better to spam tap shoot with burst fire weapons, i thought burst fire was supposed to be a really fast burst but with a lower fire rate per burst.


  13. 4 minutes ago, Khalagar said:


    I don't understand the point of the semi or burst fire mods. I always just burst fire my full auto guns in all games with short controlled bursts, there's no reason that I know of to not just use a full auto mod and use controlled bursts. Gives you the option of going full auto in a pinch too

    Right now, there is no point (and i'm sure it doesn't end here, i just need confirmation from the devs if they dont mind), but take a look at the famas from CS 1.6 (not CSGO).

    Auto firing meant you had to control the spray and trying to burst with auto was not as accurate as if you were to actually use the burst-fire mode. I actually think the burst-fire shot faster between rounds, though i'm not sure.


    True burst-fire gives you a short controlled burst of damage that you can't get when auto-firing (or shouldn't for gameplay purposes) with insane per bullet fire rate, but not per burst. Right now, the burst fire weapons simple act as an automatic weapon with a fire rate lock on the 3rd shot, and it feels super artificial and useless.


    As for semi-auto, it should probably increase the damage per shot, or have some sort of critical hit chance. But i don't mind using it on the pistol...it's extra damage until i get rad remover =P

  14. @madmole Some questions if some quality of life changes are being worked on:


    - Option to change toggling/holding ADS? (I know they are both implemented, but the response for the holding ADS is super slow compared to any other shooter)


    - Buyable/Craftable in-game lights for the players to use (some were removed since A16 for some reason, and i keep getting teased by the construction lights in PoIs)?


    - New honk sounds for the motorcycle and truck?


    - Actually shifting sounds for the vehicles instead of the boring loop one? (You have the gear shift sound when you start moving after being still, then it goes into a monotone loop)


    - Make burst fire actual burst fire? Right now it's just better to spam tap shoot with burst fire weapons, i thought burst fire was supposed to be a really fast burst but with a lower fire rate per burst.


  15. 7 minutes ago, beerfly said:

    Change the word "criticize" with "feedback". 

    Criticizing is not something inherently detrimental, i know what i said. You can criticize something while saying positive things as well. I guess the values taught during the Renaissance and by Greeks long before that have gotten lost with the "Either with me or against me" mentality (not directing this at you btw). 

  16. 6 hours ago, Matt 1977 said:

    I embrace the game as is, bugs etc and all. This is my game through and through. I sit back in wonder of how far the game has come. I dont sit here with a sense of entitlement demanding the game to be changed to how "I" want it. Just play the game or make your own.

    I have written 2 documents with 6000+ words each, drawn a bunch of concept art (some that i havent posted) of possible zombies, reported bugs, written a controversial review, discussed feedback and keep track of this game totally because I am entitled and think the game is @%$*#! and i don't want it to improve right?


    I want to see this game KILL triple AAA games and become the standard for the "zombie survival" genre, because until now, all of them have been the same boring bull@%$*#!. Unfortunately, what this game does well, sometimes doesn't cover up the fact that polish, decent combat mechanics, animations, sound design and particles are lacking. And me, just like the developers and most here, want to see this thing finished and kick every other game's @%$*#!. 


    Sure if you compare it to previous alphas it has gotten better in a lot of these aspects (especially particles and animations), and that's improvement. But you can't say the game is perfect as is and call feedback entitled demands. You have a lot of whiners on the forums, but those rarely get their voice recognized (fortunately) and remain in their basement.


    We are all here, taking time, most of us writing well thought stuff down, because we want this train to keep going forward and not fail like many other early access projects. They've gotten the money already, but I think it's in everyone's hearts not see this game's potential go to waste.


    Also, it's better to criticize something than blindly say amen to everything. It's good to think on your own and make your own judgement, I'm a learning game developer myself, and this kind of @%$*#! is healthy for both people (we're both sharing points of view and learning, also making the brain work by making counter-arguments).

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  17. 8 minutes ago, meganoth said:

    Sorry, what? Machine gunner being OP is relevant to the balance. Why has machine gunners relevance anything to do with it making sense that the knuckles need to be an "interesting" weapon?


    "useless" or "Almost rendered useless" is such a hyperbole sentence. Should I say now the knuckles are the best even though I know they are just the least best of them all 😉 ?

    I have a friend who still recounts his turn as brawler in the previous game as great fun (and he isn't someone who would have fun with an ineffectual weapon). Did you ever try brawler together with beer or are you just theory-crafting with the stats?


    I never theory craft... I have tried it, you would know that if you read my previous replies. I'm talking based on my experience, i have already tried all the builds and i play with 2 others friends that also share their feedback. I always go main tree + subtree, and the brawler perk and fist weapons in general are not as good as they COULD be. And again, i never said they weren't fun, because i myself had fun the first few hours, but that was it.

  18. 17 minutes ago, meganoth said:

    Maybe he is almost saying that, but really he is saying that the best ranged weapon set (at least if we include all ranges) comes with the worst melee weapon set. Which is a balance over the attribute.


    But the only unique feature of the knuckles, avoiding infection, really lost its appeal after all the other ailings were added to the game. So I agree with whoever said the knuckles should now protect against lacerations and cuts as well.


    I don't see a problem with the brawler being only really effective with bear, by the way.

    Let's not forget the fortitude tree is based on being resilient, taking hits, which you usually take when fighting with melee. So I find the fact that it has machine gunner rather irrelevant (they are overpowered even without the perk at max rank aswell), so it would actually make sense that you would get at least an interesting melee weapon. Since all of the perk trees have ranged + melee, it makes little sense to not put the same amount of effort in the fortitude tree when it comes to those 2 weapon types (both should be equally important).


    Well sure you can say it counter-balances it, but then what's the point of having the brawler perk? A perk tree is not supposed to have something useless and then say "but the other perk fixes the balance issue because instead of using that, you can use this, that's better". Once again, my issue is the fact that fist weapons are almost rendered useless, unless your REALLY TRY to make it work (i've already wrote this like 4 times and provided suggestions).

  19. Just now, Laz Man said:

    Experiment with the book series and consumables.  Even without t3, I bet u could stop get some good results.

    But that's an issue right there, relying on buffs. They should be an extra, not the necessary to make something work.

  20. 1 minute ago, Laz Man said:

    Maybe it can use more balancing but they are certainly not weak.  I remember testing out the entire bar brawler book, steal knuckles and using consumable and man were things getting wrecked and it felt fun....

    Entire book, tier 3 knuckles + a buff.  Well, I would be severely scared if THAT didn't work.

  21. 1 minute ago, Doctor3D said:


    I understand your point, and I do think it's fair. I think I just come from a different perspective. I come from a pretty big history of playing games like daggerfall and morrowind and I go through all those pre-defined classes in the game. Many of them are balance-wise -  not even remotely comparable to the others - they are just an experience and class you do. I don't come out them like they need to fit in with the more mainstream things.  


    I mean - if you're picking a character that's gonna use primarily fists in a game where we have bows, knives, clubs, guns and rocket-launchers - surely you understand going in that it's gonna be one of the weakest and even more limited options to play. Within the context of what that kind of playthrough is - surely a brawler character is more versatile and interesting now than say 2 years ago? If it is -  well that's progress. That's all I was saying.


    As far as The jack of all trades - well that SHOULD have incredibly viable choices without focusing on either - that's the whole point (to me at least?). 

    Exactly, but what I want from the weapon is not necessarily big damage or a super viable option. I want it to be mechanically fun and atleast have some sort of purpose. The knife, which was my example, is much more fun than the knuckles because they are not unique enough other than their visuals.


    Being the weakest also doesn't mean it can't be "strong" on it's own, I honestly couldn't care less about how it compares to other weapons as long as it gets A CERTAIN JOB right. My problem with the weapon is that on it's own, it's underwhelming and serves little to no purpose other than "trying something new", it could be so much more, and still be called "weak" compared to other weapons, it will always be weaker than anything else, even in real life, but that's not a problem.

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  22. 17 minutes ago, Gazz said:

    It means exactly what I said before.

    You testing and rating every weapon based on how well they support your preferred play style does not mean that overall balance must be adjusted to make every weapon equally valid for this situation. Some have range, armor piercing, effects like knockdown and slow. The auto shotgun is probably closest to "best weapon" but even that isn't optimal in absolutely every situation.


    Same with the hate on knuckles. Seen in strict isolation they are average but they also come with the entire fortitude package.

    Sorry but that's flawed logic when it comes to the knuckles. By saying "they come with the fortitude package" you're almost saying that they are a little extra for getting the entire fortitude tree, which let me tell you, is not as good of a tree as one might think for what it offers. The idea should be "the fortitude tree comes with the brawler", not the other way around, otherwise the knuckles are just a placebo that you CAN get.


    Nearly every weapon feels solid, perkless or not, besides the spear and knuckles. And even without comparing them to the rest you have to compare them somehow, like what do they excel in, that other weapons don't as well? Do they need to excel in something? No. But do they need an incentive for their usage? Of course, and right now, there's none, besides "oh it's different, let me force myself to make this work just because i wanna use the weapon". It should come off naturally.


    The changes needed to make them better aren't extravagant either...



    - Increase the punch speed and/or lessen the time between punches 

    - Significantly reduce stamina cost

    - Reduce damage? But increase the knockout chance even without power attacks.

    - Give it a weakness effect after 5-10 hits on a body part?



    - Innate 50% armor piercing or ignores armor on throw (don't know if it's currently the case)

    - Faster throwing speed and damage which leads to having that piercing feel when throwing a goddamn spear to impale a zombie.

    - Better poke range (perception users should NOT engange in melee combat, so this should help keep the distance in case they get swarmed...or just don't and let them get punished by bad decision-making).


    Boom, now you have a weapon that's good for 1v1, stamina-efficient, crowd-controling weapon for long fights. And a cheap VIP target slayer (that goes well with the whole rifle and perception tree, that's literally about killing VIP targets).

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