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  1. 51 minutes ago, Doctor3D said:

    I just don't agree - it's not always about how does X fit into some grand scheme of balance. In this case, lets take the Knuckles. No one who picks a Knuckle class thinks to themself - oh this should be easy. Come'on... A Knuckle-class is fun - it doesn't have be to as good as or compete with another meta-choice. It's a fun choice.


    You say it's not an interesting weapon. Well, I disagree. Have you ever played a drunken brawler? Well, you can if you want to - even if you don't find it interesting - i've done it - and it is.

    Mate here is the problem, I did play a drunken brawler, even before the knuckles got into the game and after :). I knew what I was getting myself into, but it's underwhelming as hell. It's not a grand scheme of balance, and like i said, and you pretty much followed, the only thing it has going for it when it comes to interest is the different design and animations. It is fun, I never questioned that, the problem is that when you add something with as much presence as other weapons in the game (3 tiers, can have modifications, lootable, craftable and locked behind schematics, perk dedicated to it), it simply can't just be "fun", otherwise all of this loses it's purpose, especially later on into the game. 


    If the developers want to make it JUST a fun weapon, make it a lootable common weapon only, instead of acting like the rest. Pick up and use, have fun, throw it out, rinse and repeat. Right now, they just don't fight where the others do, and meta in this game is as existent as it is non-existent, it depends on a bunch of variables and playstyles, even with a jack of all trades build, ak-47/pistol/shotgun are your incredibly viable choices without focusing on either.

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  2. 7 minutes ago, MechanicalLens said:

    Not to mention that with the new critical hit system, the last thing you want is you get hit consistently, and that's the point behind the brawler build. Sure, knuckles prevent you from getting infected (infection is a joke as it stands though; no threat presented whatsoever unless you're on day 1), but what good is that if you get a concussion, an abrasion, and a sprained arm with every big encounter? "Then pull out your gun." Well, I suppose knuckles are best suited for 1v1 or 1v2 encounters now.

    All of the weapons, even the spear, "work" for 1v1 and 1v2 encounters with trash mobs. The problem here is that they don't really have a purpose besides being a new weapon type. And obviously the sparring weapon is supposed to be for 1v1 encounters, but even then, it gets @%$*#! on by the rest. The principle when adding a weapon is, "what will make the player choose this instead of that?", and right now the knuckles bring nothing to the table that makes it an interesting weapon, besides, again, being a different weapon type. It could knockout zombies with more frequency, while dealing low damage, could be a sever crowd control badass weapon, but no, it's just a @%$*#!ty, slower knife that doesn't make enemies bleed.

  3. 45 minutes ago, Gazz said:

    No, I don' have to pull back the curtain on all aspects of balancing.


    The proof that there is something is all the players popping up and countering pretty much every such one-sided post that tries to explain how item x, y or z are useless.

    "Everyone knows" that the stun baton does not measure up to other melee weapons. Then the other day I saw Jonah on a stream clearing a T5 POI on insane/nightmare with a stun baton and very rarely a regular pistol. It's not even supposed to do that without the bots but it's clearly doable anyway.

    I think everyone here is forgetting to draw the line on what's "possible" and what's good. From my experience, perked in or not, every weapon is good against the zombies besides the goddamn spear and knuckles. I tried perking into the spear, still wasn't worth it at all, too much stamina use on power attack, laughable throwing speed, stabbing seems to have ridiculously small range for a spear and low damage/DPS overall. Same goes for the fist weapon, too much stamina use (bone knife uses less), low damage, high risk low reward and i believe it's even slower than the knife.


    Now, the zombies area easily "cheesable" in the game, I think even you developers are aware of that (and this happens with pretty much any game), and it's not a necessarily difficult game within the combat aspect. Even without perks, you can use any weapon and still do good (which I like mind you), and the stun baton is definitely not as weak as some think. My point is, if you look at things this way, then of course everything is either gonna look fine or bad, because 10000 variables will determine your outcome in a fight (maximum stamina, healing items, armor, speed reduction, room you're in, type of zombie). Low max stamina means useless sledgehammer vs 2+ oponents, radiated soldier zombies means weak knifes or melee in general. Also, the dismemberment chance makes literally all weapons "broken" later on, because of the headshot insta kills, so fast attacks > anything else.


    I don't believe we should be seeing numbers, but more as in utility. Right now, from my perspective it goes as follows:


    Crowd Control: Shotguns (legs n chest), stun baton, sledgehammer (perked in), Club

    Stealth/Clearing: Rifles, Bow, Crossbow

    1 vs the World: Pistol, knife, Automatic Weapons

    1v1: All weapons, because all of them "work"


    The spear and knuckles, just don't have any utility besides sucking at what others already do well. They don't do what you expect them to do, the spear should be one hell of a melee weapon, slow but steady, low DPS, but high skill high damage type of weapon (you have to force yourself to use it). The knuckles are just slow (who the f*ck punches at that speed?), use too much stamina than what they're supposed to and get out damaged by anything else.

    2 minutes ago, katarynna said:

    Here in America we DO use our hands while playing football.... soccer now is a bit different...

    hands... FOOTball...interesting way of naming rugby. The guy who decided that would be the name was not the sharpest tool in the shed.

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  4. 36 minutes ago, Khalagar said:


    All weapons do that, it's the % dismember chance. If you hit them in the head, there's a % chance to auto dismember the limb (head in this case) and auto kill them. The percent goes up as you invest more into the perk. Attacking really fast and spam proc dismember is  what makes even the bad weapons like the Stun baton at least usable.


    It's not reliable though, so you can't say the spear is balanced because you can sometimes get a lucky RNG dismember on it. There was a melee weapon test several pages back showing the TTK (time to kill) of a few melee weapons against Irradiated and the spear did by far the worst, taking entire minutes longer than the others to kill a couple of irradiated.

    Melee agility build is by far the strongest in the game, not even comparable to anything else. Bleed + fast chance to insta kill + good stamina efficiency per hit + no movement penalty + easy crafts (bone knife).

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  5. 8 minutes ago, madmole said:

    Just stop with the hyperbole. Pretty much every post is just your opinion with zero facts.


    There are unique burnt POIs in the burnt forest. There are live animals in the burnt forest. There are the same POIs spawning there than in the regular forest. There is coal there easily obtained on the ground and from the burnt trees, and wood, and all ores/resources.

    The wasteland will have an elevated game stage in the future, and radiation and the best loot possible.

    It was never intended for anyone to live there, unless you thrive on dreary or want to stay clear of scrubs in PVP because without rad gear they won't survive long enough to get your loot.

    We don't have a way to store who made the spike (so no way to award XP) unless we turn it into a model entity instead of a block, and then we get poor performance from too many entities, draw calls, etc.

    Give us a bandaid fix like an option to enable/disable xp from environmental kills (gives all players xp, but like 50% of the entity's xp)? At least until you guys find a solution.

  6. 6 minutes ago, Laz Man said:

    Theres a perk for that..the one that increases damage with each successive shot.


    Edit: Dead Eye (50% at full rank)

    Dead Eye is weak, if you don't kill a bloated walker with 1 headshot, you lose the buff. It becomes even more useless later on as everything doesn't die from 1 headshot.

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  7. Another concept by @Adam the Waster that i decided to give him a visual based on my own interpretation.


    "Bloater: this early on special zombies kinda looks like Moe but his gut is more Bloated, has a sickly green skin, a Large Gas buildup in the throat that kinda looks like a Frogs vocal sac. he sounds like someone coughing and has a few ability

    • AOE gas Effect: he will emit a Large cloud of gas around him that will lower HP and may cause you to get sick! (causes dysentery)
    • a close Range Cough: he will Breath out a large gas cloud to you and will damage you!
    • If he died by a range attack like a gun he will pop like a balloon and will leave a large gas cloud behind, if he dies by a Headshot, he will only leave a small gas cloud, if he dies by a melee attack he will just die! (note: Gas can effect zombies too! so you can uses them as living traps!)
    • HP: 80
    • Armor: 0"



    Like my last drawing, this is also another sad zombie, a bit based on the guy from the Dead Island 2 trailer when it comes to the infection.

    He was just a fat guy trying to make a better living for himself, jogging every day until he unfortunately got bit and tried to hide it under his wristband.

    Well, after one came many more encounters until he was done...well....faster.

    He was also a very sneezy guy with sinusitis, so the infection took over that and pushed the mucus so hard it broke his jaw in half, only to come to out of the nose.



    Remember to like, comment subsc-- wait wrong platform.


    If you like it be sure to give it a little heart, and leave your feedback in the comments. Enjoy!




    Fat Zombie Concept 01.jpg

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  8. 1 hour ago, Ttocs said:

    Liking your designs coming in past few days and this one too. I wouldnt wanna see him as part of the horde but maybe a "special trader quest" for a zombie that's terrorising trader Joels trade route or his casino. Or even maybe he could be something the future bandits have on a leash. Just a thought.

    That's actually a pretty good idea, killing VIP targets instead of the "clear" quest :)

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  9. 41 minutes ago, KuriousTurtle said:

    Not sure if it is intended or if it is a bug, but when you have a full inventory and you accept molotovs as a quest reward, instead of the molotovs being dropped as a brown bag, they all explode and set you and the trader on fire

    That's not a bug, if you drop molotovs from your inventory they explode on the floor (since they "break", though water bottles don't funny enough). It's just an unfortunate situation that you found yourself in, since all items are automatically dropped.

  10. Original idea by @Adam the Waster (here's a drawing buddy)


    "Slasher: This Mid tier zombie is a Terror for people who use armor. AKA everyone, these zombies hands have been dulled down to the point where their hands are sharp blades!, they can go through armor! they have No bottom jaw so they can't bite! but they will try to cut you too Parts! they move at a ok speed and make loud breathing sounds!, there blades can cut through armor and armor durability! but not much agents blocks!


    • high AP damage, Armor and armor Durability!
    • low Block damage!
    • Able to cause deep cuts!
    • kinda sneaky!"





    So I asked Adam if I could make concept art for some of his ideas, so we can have a visual interpretation of a possible zombie, and he agreed. I took most of what he said into consideration and decided to turn this zombo into life (without trying to make him like the Butcher from Dead Island).




    The Slasher, unlike what some might think, is not a fast nor frenetic zombie, although he deals high damage and is a bit resistant to damage, he is slow and lazy, mostly attacking what comes close to him first, unless it's blood moon.


    Backstory: He is a sad zombie despite everything. Before the infection, he never got around people because of severe depression and previous occurrences that left him mentally scarred and unable to become someone happy. He didn't care for hygiene or himself, he let his nails grow, always used the same tracksuit pants and slippers and roamed his home like an empty husk, sitting on his desk all day, taking meds and doing paperwork. Unfortunately for him, the zombies got him when he was recovering from a stomach operation he had done a few weeks earlier. He didn't even put up a fight. As time went, his finger nails started growing and merging into 2 big and sharp bones that could pierce weak metal and cut through skin like a knife.




    HP: 300HP

    Damage: 60 (ignores 50% of armor)

    Attack Delay: 1s

    Ailments: Deep Lacerations, Bleeding

    Speed: Slow


    Spawns in: Houses and bloodmoons

    Behavior: Rather short aggro range, roams the house or is sleeping (sleeper spawn), sneaks up on the player when he can




    Once again, feel free to leave your feedback!





    slasher zombie_final.jpg

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  11. 6 minutes ago, Adam the Waster said:

    i mean Madmole didn't say it was a musket! but i hope so!

    Joel likes fallout (i believe i saw him say that he was playing fallout 4 a few months or year ago) so i'm pretty sure they will be similar to the ones in fallout 4. Which honestly I don't mind, if TFP makes them better and more useful lmao.

  12. @madmole Topic aside. Are the level designers considering making gigantic "1 time spawn" structures (ex: airports, mall + cinema rooms, military airfield, hypermarkets, big warehouses)? I truly believe the game would take an insane leap with it's immersion with these "common" places, that make the player feel like a tiny ant in a ravaged world. 


    Seeing a real scale mall, overgrown, looted, stores shut down with metal grates, decrypt, missing/flickering lights, filled to the brim with zombies that can come from anywhere would make up for such an interesting expedition, especially with the new lighting system. Just imagine the main area of the mall, multiple floors, with the giant skylight window letting the moonlight in, zombies wandering, some hiding behind closed stores, and being able to search through the very guts of the mall (that we aren't allowed access in real-life) is just great to think about.


    Though i'm not sure how that would be possible to add without mauling everyone's FPS.

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  13. Heyo everyone! This is a more recent drawing that i've made, so I decided to also share it with you.




    So, as we all know, all of the 7 days to die zombies are unique, even though most of them are weak zombie minions, all of them have different aspects and even specific names.

    I though, since we have nurses, bikers, strippers, construction workers (and other "specific" zombies), why not a thug mechanic? Ya know, those wannabee chads that end up having to work with their dad or something since they can't get a job. 


    It's another zombie with a distinct aspect and "visual backstory" to add to the roster that we already have.


    Say hello to Wrench Bob Zombie aka Billy Bob R*mjob




    Backstory: This guy used to do heroin and work as a mechanic until he turned. He died in shock defending himself with a ratchet, which cause his already jittery nature to lock his nerves to hold the ratchet forever. 


    Visual details for gameplay: Tall guy (similar to zombie Boe), holds the ratchet with his right hand while his left arm seems incapacitated and severely f*cked up because of all the needles that went in there.


    Behavior: Hits with his right hand and tries to bite, that's it, he's another average zombie joe that has a different looks and animations.


    Spawns: Anything that has to do with cars, gas stations, garages, whatever.



    Stats: I won't write them in detail, because this IS NOT a special infected. 

    - He has roughly the same hp as a zombie Boe

    - Hits hard with the ratchet

    - Biting is rare and deals medium damage

    - Same speed as zombie Boe.



    Once again, like my last post, feel free to write down some feedback!







    Zombie concept 01.jpg

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  14. 7 minutes ago, MechanicalLens said:

    Yes, but the warning I was giving is that would create a very narrow, tunnel vision system. Instead of increasing your damage with headshots +20% per rank of the weapon of your choosing, it would just create a cookie cutter system of, "Forget Pain Tolerance, forget Living off the Land, forget Advanced Engineering, I'm going under this one size fits all perk to increase my headshot damage.


    Regardless if I agree or disagree that every gun should have their own perk attached to it, that's what TFP have gone for and I don't see them overhauling it again. Instead, I'm taking a flawed system and suggesting some minor meaningful tweaks that could realistically be considered by TFP.

    Oh yeah, the current system is good, it just needs some tweaks (moving things adding some new ones) and mostly buffs to some insignificant perks (like The Infiltrator). I personally love the current class system in multiplayer. I usually play with 2 other friends, and we always go PER, STR and INT, meaning all tasks are divided and we do them in the most efficient way possible (strength mines natural resources, i loot the end chests and my other friends crafts all the good stuff). I believe the Fortitude and Agility tree shouldn't be main tress on their own, they should act more like a subtree to change your playstyle. 


    For example, a strength build can go with a tank slow approach (str + fortitude) or a melee kiting one (str + agility) and same goes for the rest of the builds. I don't know if TFP realize this, but they actually turned a fallout inspired perk system, into your 3 class RPG system (mage, archer and warrior), without you actually noticing it. Their focus is obvious with the perk system, and I believe they are also going in the right track to make things feel more dynamic :)

  15. 12 minutes ago, MechanicalLens said:

    I will admit that, yes. I'll be a bit more open and say that everything is free game, but my opinion stands in that I will strongly disagree with any kind of benefit that forces or even encourages players to go under an attribute solely for that passive bonus, creating a very cookie cutter system. For example, +1% looting bonus per rank of Perception? Humble and serviceable, and serves more as a brief afterthought. +5% accuracy when firing a weapon from the hip / ADS per rank of Perception? Decent but not in any way game-changing. +10% damage with headshots per rank of Perception? A little too extreme, in my eyes.

    That buff really isn't too extreme considering we currently have +20% damage with headshots per rank. Also, the game requires you to abuse the damage values later on into the game, because of irradiated high tiers.

  16. 3 minutes ago, Khalagar said:

    Oof, being full quoted mid edit. I need to get better about editing before posting haha.


    For the bleeding thing . . it's just so much easier to carry a healing item than to let bleed time out or invest 3 full perk points into reducing the bleed time and damage a bit. Like, I don't think I've ever let a bleed time out on it's own lol. You will have to heal either way, so why not use a medkit or bandage or sewing kit or one of the other ways to stop it instead and put those points into Physician or something with a way more tangible benefit

    Hence why I said it's a late game perk, and I mostly picked it because of the +1 fortitude and half bleeding (trust me those are needed when you get swarmed in the shenlong tower or that one medical facility, you don't much big of a window to heal until you clear up the mess).

  17. 2 minutes ago, hiemfire said:

    With your current concept you can't (don't need to do testing to do simple math).

    300 + 300 + 250 + 350 = 1150 (have to use a specific weapon to get the last 350)

    Hp of mob is 1500.

    1500 - 1150 = 350 hp that you have to chew through the chitin first to deal to it. 700 if you're not using 7.62 AP, explosives or a shotgun (which by the way adds to the RE gimmicky feel)...

    Sh*t, i realized I missed explaining something. Yeah my bad, those HP values don't mean that the limb gets destroyed, it means that it can finally get destroyed, I had in mind the limb system from fallout (that allows you to 100 to 0 the enemy by hitting a limb, while doing less damage per shot of course) so you can keep focusing a leg unless you dismember that leg. And yeah HP also needs to be toned down a bit, I had in mind the AK-47 damage when I wrote that (since it does like 50 per shot).

  18. 9 minutes ago, Khalagar said:


    Uh no, it's based on browsing the various forums, and I've already said you can play in a million different ways lol. You can play the entire game without killing a single zombie, it's 100% possible to do, so of course you can pick the absolute worst possible perks and build and never go to a trader and never build a base and never use a tool etc, and reach end game. You just have to ignore that kind of extreme niche play style when talking about what's common


    I work in a mix of marketing, with customers directly, and with our devs at my current company. Customers call me saying they want X, I then decide if that feedback needs to go to the trashcan because it's stupid / unreasonable, or pass it on to the devs as potential suggestions. With market research and customer complaints, you have to multiply every single complaint you see by a sizable number based on your total player base. Like with a game like this, for every single person you see say "Charismatic Nature kinda sucks" there are going to be dozens if not hundreds who said that to themselves and not on a forum and didn't pick it.


    I'm a nerd and one my main hobbies is researching stuff and reading reviews, so I spend a LOT of time on forums reading other people's opinions. You have to take each with a grain of salt and evaluate it. Like I and a couple of other people said the Gardening perks are really good, and others said they don't ever pick them. You combine those together, and can tell that the perk is likely well balanced and is good for some builds and not others.


    If everyone agrees that Miner 69 is almost always a must have, then you know it's probably a *really* good perk. If one turbo nerd has an excel sheet break down of stats and numbers showing objectively *why* one perk is better than another mathematically, it's worth ten times more than people saying "I like it but I don't know if it really works" etc


    What would you prefer, me to name out and list and link to 48 separate comments between here, the Steam forum, and Reddit, on every opinion? It's a lot easier to just say "Nobody picks charismatic nature, because it's bad" and explain why it's bad, rather than spend 2 days on the "nobody" part.


    When dealing with devs / the money men in a company, the ONLY thing that matters is potential revenue gain numbers. That's it. So if something doesn't impact enough people to matter, there's no point in even talking about it. Like with the Junk Sledge, I know I'm in a minority with caring about that, so I try to frame my arguments as "people who play Int builds could benefit from it not being bad".


    Even then though, when dealing with coding, many things seem WAY simpler to fix than they really are, and sheer numbers of people minorly annoyed don't really matter. I doubt you will find a single person, Madmole or Faatal or any dev included, that doesn't think it's a bit annoying / silly that two people can't talk to the trader at once or two people can't access a stash at once. The reason that kind of thing isn't fixed is because it's low priority and would almost certainly open a giant festering can of worms (ten thousand new bugs) so it's easier to just shrug and put it on the back burner


    Sorry, not trying to make my opinions seem more important than anyone elses. Opinions be opinions yo. It's just pretty easy to get a group consensus when you spend a few hours on each of the main forums. The people on the forums are only a small sample, but you have to account for that with marketing. So if your playerbase is 1K people daily and on the forums you  see 4 turbo nerds and 12 regular nerds complaining about something, you can pretty easily extrapolate it to know there is at least a pretty sizeable chunk of the player base unhappy about it. 


    Whether that makes it worth changing depends on what it is and what's involved, and end of all, "It's Madmoles world, we just play in it"

    From my experience, Charismatic Nature has always been a late game perk and incredibly useful in Insane difficulty (where everything insta f*cking bleeds you) and I can see where most of the players come from with it's criticism. 


    But I believe the main problem isn't with the perk, it is the fact that all the "Influence Perks" are obviously suited to a Charisma specific skill tree, since the new perk system is heavily inspired in fallout. And in the intellect tree, all the other perks take priority (otherwise why would you even go for intellect?).

  19. 1 minute ago, hiemfire said:

    The attacks + have to hit a special spot repeatedly to do anything to it both are what brought RE to mind.

    Oh no, you can still kill it on the non chitin protected parts (which are everything besides head, body, back) you just have less damage multiplier, they simply protect more "vulnerable" areas. Some values are probably going to need adjustments, but honestly, only testing we can solve that :) 

    5 minutes ago, Laz Man said:

    Wow, thank you for sharing.  I appreciate the thought process behind all of the details.  I like the idea of zombie armor with the "Chitin" as it adds more depth with the zombie threat and doesn't just add more of the same.  Kudos if you drew the concept art as well.  :)

    Yeah, i drew the concept art, being an amateur concept artist is what i do until i finish my college career and get an actual job as one in the industry.

  20. 1 minute ago, hiemfire said:

    And yet what you outline would fit right in with that gimmiky, "player" moves the movie's plot on rails series as one of the "boss" mobs. No thank you...

    If the boss part is what worries you, keep in mind Irradiated Feral Weights and Demolishers are already mini boss tier, since they force you to prioritize them. I called it mini boss, because they are not a boss, they're not an epic fight that lasts for 10 minutes. They're a stronger, more interesting enemy, that requires your attention when he's around, i would understand you criticizing the attacks, but you go straight to the resident evil area and mention the "mini boss" part...which is not even the point of this enemy.

  21. 1 minute ago, hiemfire said:

    I'd rather not have a RE series Mr. X or Nemesis style mob added.

    I believe the behemoth was going to be a thing, and i'm pretty sure it didn't get canceled because of looking too "Resident Evil". As i said, there's no lore about the game, and not every zombie leaving the human-like spectrum has to be about Resident Evil (though it did cross my mind, that's why i actually tried to make him look a bit more normal than what I had in mind), also he doesn't transform into anything when he dies ;)  

  22. 3 minutes ago, betam4x said:

    When Madmole said they were gearing up for gold, I doubted. After playing Alpha 19 for some time, I've become a believer. This game feels something like 90% done. Outside of bug fixes, the only areas I see that need improvement are Random Gen, the music system, and (maybe) storyline related lore.. It's both scary and sad that one day we won't have another Alpha to look forward to. I've been with this game since it came out of Kickstarter (I don't back things on Kickstarter). I've watched it evolve from a quirky fun early access game 


    I'm sure some other people have other metrics they measure the game by. However, this game feels pretty close to complete to me. I personally hope Alpha 20 can wrap things up or get us almost all the way there. I also hope to see other games from The Pimps in the future....maybe another genre of game (like a Diablo style action RPG?) set in the 7DTD universe? Who knows.


    Side Note: The music has definite Ultima vibes to it in some areas.

    It's finally on the right track since A17, but I wouldn't say it's close to the finish line. As much as I love the game, I can say that the most hours I (and probably more players) put into it, were because of the promise of a new update and changes, otherwise I wouldn't reach 50hrs if it stayed in A12 (when i started).


    There's still lots of polishing and concrete mix to add into the house.

    I'm the guy that "whines" about the gun play because it still feels very wrong and stiff (artificial recoil and bad shooting anims, awful animation timings, desynced sounds, bad particles, bad viewmodels, bad aiming down sights models, bad animations for some weapons). The only weapon that escapes this is the DB shotgun.

    Melees also suffer from this.


    Lack of zombie variety and repetition is still an issue.

    The whole Hive Mind AI still has some issues (like focusing on 1 block out of the sudden).

    Modifications are still under-explored (and still need visual upgrades for most of them).

    Vehicles still need some form of modification/customization.

    We still need more home defense blocks / block redesign (like the barbed wire) / turret upgrades (durability, like the blocks).

    Some PoI's are in dire need of specific doors (like the new stores, they need the metal frame glass doors instead of those metal glass frames around them).

    Players still need double doors and more doors in general.

    More craftable lights that they removed in A17.



    Things that are completely finished?

    - The core loop of the game is the most solid i've seen in any survival game. (and that's not something you can say for most games)

    - The whole freaking concept of it (a survival game with a purpose, when was that invented?)

    - The quantity of the different additions and concepts (they're still a bit hollow, bit the whole modification, vehicle, electricity additions fits very well into the game).



    So yeah, it's mostly polishing and finishing up the frameworks they've added, the game is getting insanely solid and I love it.



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