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  1. It should be working now. There was a bug in DMT. Make sure to download the latest version of DMT (DMTv2.3.7703.26414) and the latest version of my mod.
  2. UPDATE: For some reason the way that was used for adding console commands is not working anymore. I'm looking for another way. BTW if you've used this mod you'll most likely have a file called customPrefs.xml in <GameDir>/Data/Config with the following content: <preferences> <preference name="WeaponFov">60</preference> </preferences> You should be able to change the FOV from there (it requires reloading the game). If you don't have the file you can create it.
  3. This mod is used with the DMT modding tool. You put it into the DMT mods folder and compile it with DMT modding tool. It will place the necessary stuff in your game folder automatically. Notice how the thread has DMT label. It also doesn't work with EasyAnticheat as any other DMT mod.
  4. (at 00:19 onwards it's demonstrated how to use the command and what it does) Long time ago TFP locked the hands/weapon FOV and set it to extremely low (45, lower than console games) because the hands model looked bad. Now they fixed the hands model (Magnum holding anim still looks bad but w/e) but the FOV is still locked to 45. I couldn't find other mods doing this so I decided to create this mod to be able to set the hands/weapon FOV to something more reasonable like 60. This mod adds a console command: wfov wfov <number> wfov 58 that changes the hands/weapon FOV
  5. I also hope they add something similar (or the same) that allows us to add reload sounds without loading DMT mod. DMT mods are kinda pain in the ass to distribute when you play multiplayer although custom weapons are also PIA because unity3d are not downloaded automatically from the server.
  6. Why is this mod needed? What this mod does? Important!: Making your gun mod compatible with this mod (i.e. adding reload sounds to your .unity3d file and adding the custom properties (ReloadAnimationClip, SoundReloadClip#)) does not make your mod incompatible with vanilla. Vanilla 7DaysToDie will just ignore the custom properties and the reload sounds and will use the default ones. It wont even give you warnings. How to use it? To add a custom reload sound to your gun you need 4 things: 1) Your gun has to have unique reload animation name. (Because I can't
  7. I just binge-watched the first 4 dev streams. I've been waiting for these kind of update for years (especially the redoing of the lighting/color space). It's just wonderful. I just hope the performance is not worse like in every update before. But there is 2 things I wanted to see improved that didn't happen sadly: 1) In the third stream where they show the new textures all looks great but the ground textures (at 00:37:00) look even worse (low quality) than before next to the new beautiful hight quality textures. They look kinda blurry and it seams as if there are no bump/normal maps on them
  8. Is it something wrong with my game or <property name="Sound_reload"> does not work? I tried to change the reload sound of my imported gun and nothing happened (it plays default pistol reload sound). Then I tested with simple mod: items.xml <config> <set xpath="/items/item[@name='gunPistol']/property[@class='Action0']/property[@name='Sound_reload']/@value">44magnum_reload</set> </config> and again the pistol_reload (not 44magnum_reload) sound plays.
  9. What do you mean by ids are not used anymore? Loot containers have ids. Not everything is using ids. id is just a property as name is just a property. Some things in the XMLs have ids and some have names. Here is example loot container from loot.xml: <lootcontainer id="9" count="0,2" size="6,2" sound_open="UseActions/open_backpack" sound_close="UseActions/close_backpack" open_time="1.5" loot_quality_template="qualBaseTemplate"> <item group="backpacks"/> </lootcontainer> (this is from A18 BTW.)
  10. Passing a variable to Animator error Edit: I just checked the game code and saw that "AnimatotSet" functions don't accept CVars. Hi I am trying to pass an Int variable to the AnimationController but for some reason I get an error. If I do: <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfPrimaryActionStart" action="ModifyCVar" target="self" cvar="TestCVar" operation="set" value="1"/> <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfPrimaryActionStart" action="AnimatorSetInt" target="self" property="TempProp" value="@TestCVar"/> I get: ERR XML loader: Loading and parsing 'items.xml' fail
  11. Can I append an attribute to element. For example: from this <attribute name="attPerception" name_key="attPerceptionName" desc_key="attPerceptionDesc" icon="ui_game_symbol_stealth"> to this <attribute name="attPerception" [b]max_level="1000"[/b] name_key="attPerceptionName" desc_key="attPerceptionDesc" icon="ui_game_symbol_stealth"> I want to do this with every <attribute> Or I have to replace the whole line. (Can I? I have to replace the whole element with it's sub-elements, don't I?)
  12. Nvm. Figured it out. I was confused because when I clicked save, it made 1.6G file but mainData is 3M. Then however I found that it opened all the assets in the directory where mainData is for some reason.
  13. Is it possible to edit text asset in mainData with this tool. I opened mainData file (it opens in Info mode) and I am able to explore it and export assets from it but I can't figure out how to change asset in mainData or import asset to mainData. I tried UAE but it doesn't find all the assets in mainData. If its not possible to edit/import to mainData with this tool, is there another tool that can do it?
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