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  1. Just confirming this bug as I logged onto the forum to go to this thread to report this very bug bc-spawn horde is the command I believe our friend is referencing as it's the command that does the same thing for me
  2. I reinstalled the January 19th build of Alloc's Fixes. It seems server side the files became corrupted somehow. This appears to have solved the issue and I apologize for calling your wonderful fixes broke.
  3. Alloc's fixes is broken with the new Alpha 17.2 stable release. There doesn't seem to be a 17.2 compatible build yet either Confirmed that once I removed Alloc's fixes. Players were actually able to connect to our server and not cause an instant server crash instead.
  4. Any chance this could become a potential mod that dedicated servers could add to allow all players this control without disabling EAC?
  5. You mean to clear your Z selection? Try backspace <-
  6. How does one spawn in a prefab without sleepers or other AI NPC spawns? I tried to go through bc-import and help bc-import. It said something regarding /nosleepers but I tried adding /nosleepers, nosleepers, and no sleepers to various different commands as well as by itself. Clearly I feel I'm doing it wrong and I apologize for asking such a trivial question
  7. Because Moderators and Managers of servers can't be vigilant 24/7 and a Land Claim Block's protection used to be the only thing stopping a raid from potentially happening on a PvE server. This change makes it real interesting as the owner since my protection used to go over a public safe zone for all the players. Now I can't protect my own base at the same time unless I have a friend. This Landclaim change is INCREDIBLY stifling and if for some reason you're worried that people having multiple Landclaims could adversely effect the game's mechanics some way. Then please, leave that for us to
  8. While testing the game is there any areas or subjects in particular you'd prefer extensive testing be directed towards if possible? I mean from what I know, Alpha 17 Experimental is for us to test what exists and to find bugs that may have been missed.
  9. I'm inclined to agree with all of you though you're damning a game change without even testing it out on the Experimental first.
  10. I'm pretty certain that this is a bugfix for harvesting crops lagging out servers on occasion. Please don't bully TFP into undoing this. I'm 99.9999% certain they know how to make their game the way that it was meant to be made.
  11. @madMole Awesome news with the Gyrocoptor returning. However as a server operator I have one major fear. Is there a height limiter on the Gyrocoptor? If there isn't, my fear is that this allows griefers to basically build one and hold space until they are well beyond the skybox at infinity height as long as they have enough gas. Eventually breaking whatever server they are on. My simple request is that they have a height limit / invisible height wall. That or not being able to refuel while flying.
  12. With this in mind. How would one go about Respecing on a multiplayer server? Would that require a willing server operator to manually perform a character wipe for someone that wanted to try a different build in this more specialized build system?
  13. Well I got you beat at 4,877 hours does that mean my opinion matters 4 times as much =P. I would rather them provide a FINISHED product with as much working content as possible. Also for their gold / final edition to be what they entirely hoped and dreamed it would be. If it isn't there is always 7 Days to Die 2 like they keep hinting at if they're too ambitious for 7 Days to Die 1's engine. Please be patient?
  14. Wait.... In A17 it's confirmed that whenever you melee hit a zombie they will automatically hit you back like some kind of Thornmail deal? This is indeed an AWFUL idea and removes skill entirely from the equation. It's a good thing I'm pretty sure the Devs haven't officially mentioned this in the Developer Diary for Devs. Unless I totally missed that part
  15. I 3rd this. Why can't this just be a thing already?
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