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  1. No Kraken news yet? 🙁 I like the new digs though, nice!
  2. Did you install Royals mod for sand SI? 😁
  3. Carry a few wooden ramp blocks with you. Very useful for staying in stealth and getting up / down single blocks silently.
  4. Loving A17 so far! Great job devs (and thanks for the spitting vultures, insane POIs and armour/gun mod system) Cheers
  5. We had this problem on one of our machines. Updating the video drivers resolved the plastic texture issue.
  6. Scent hasn’t worked for quite a while. Zeds do spot you a lot quicker and from farther away I’ve noticed.
  7. I’m playing with identical settings to my a16 and I think the performance is arguably better. Keep in mind recording software puts a considerable load on the machine as well so a streamer won’t get the same FPS as they would if they weren’t recording. I genuinely feel for those who are getting really low FPS but my point before is my machine isn’t top of the line and it is over two years old so I don’t think this is all about poor optimisation on TFPs part.
  8. Yep, this will slow initial progression down quite a bit. Can’t get a forge/workbench until level 20 either. This is a good thing- I’m best buds with my local trader now!
  9. I’m getting between 90 and 160fps and have most settings on high. I have a reasonable rig but it is over 2 yrs old.
  10. So after all the tantrums about ‘release the game already’, now the toys get thrown out of the cot because it’s not optimised? Wow...TFP have more patience for this than I ever could!
  11. Ouch, Each perk is gated by the parent attribute. So next level of pack mule requires STR lvl 4. If you look at STR lvl 4, you will see you need to be player level 20. A lot of the attributes are structured this way. Mouse over the shopping cart to the right iirc to see prerequisites.
  12. Finally home from work, downloaded and playing:). Runs like a dream, great work Fun Pimps!
  13. I still have six hours of work left- arrrggghhhh!!!
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