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  1. No Kraken news yet? 🙁 I like the new digs though, nice!
  2. I’m sure it will go off with a bang!
  3. I don’t think that’s the mine Roland was referring to... 😉
  4. If I remember correctly, they attack you on a vehicle regardless of health level. They were that way in a17 as well.
  5. Use your axe to remove debris off the floor. Stepping on broken glass, rubbish etc will wake Zeds even if you are creeping.
  6. I’ve missed the last 50 pages or so as I’ve been playing this awesome alpha! So if this has been mentioned previously, please ignore - to open the shape menu quickly, double tap R
  7. Sitting inside a dimly lit building on night 2 crafting an extra torch so I could see when I hear a wandering horde run right past my base. Didn’t see a thing but heard a LOT of feet running by...that was f&$king awesome! Thanks for making the nights scary again TFP!
  8. Hey TFP - A18 is awesome! A few minor glitches here and there but overall a very soft landing as far as my game play goes. Well done all!
  9. Happy birthday big guy - looking forward to a18, everything looks awesome!
  10. This must be killing your inner teacher Roland lol
  11. Cool - maybe a 18.x or 19/20 thing then. A follow on question then for fataal - will zeds specifically target junk turrets or ignore them? Cheers Edit: just read MM’s response - that makes sense, no worries. Maybe add targeting for zeds - a little like Division 2 where the heavies actively trash your turrets - have to balance the loss though with mods etc
  12. Can junk turrets be placed on the ceiling or only on the floor? Could be a nice surprise in pvp!
  13. I see them at dusk/dawn and always have to check twice that they’re not a zed, but as Gup says, a great source of wood while you’re running along...
  14. Food increases health and max stamina Water increases stamina regen Bandages increase max health.
  15. Having the ability for tool tips on the station icons in the craft list would be useful. As more stations are added, it can get challenging to work out where something is crafted. Not a major issue in vanilla, so maybe make an endpoint available for modders to access.
  16. DeVega will be happy, infinite rocks!
  17. Heavy armour reduces the risk of infection.
  18. Gotta love RNG - I’m 560 metres from the trader, but he’s in the wasteland biome. Tried to get there on day one - 4 vultures, 2 dogs and half a dozen zeds later - gave up after dying 3 times. Beefing up my build so I can finish the starter quest lol.
  19. I like this idea, half eaten torso running around on its hands, faster than a regular zed that cripples you like the crawlers do. Anything that moves quick and is hard to spot in long grass would be awesome!
  20. Are you serious Sam? Err Haidrgna 😉
  21. I would pass on child zeds. To each their own but I’d want an option to disable it, XML or otherwise.
  22. Omg Sillis, go sit in a corner until you’re forgiven! That joke was terrible! Lol
  23. Quick question (maybe A19 related) Will there be the ability to upgrade turrets in the future? I.e twin auto turret, heavy armour for blade traps etc...
  24. Darkness falls has LBD IIRC (don’t ban me!)
  25. Lmfao We just need someone to insert the kraken flying out and we have another release the kraken video
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