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  1. Im just happy i saved a bunch of money by switching to GEICO._.
  2. Currently playing WnJ and enjoying it. Currently sey t up short run south of hub in a desert army base. Two towns and hub within 1.1 kilo of army base. Currently have Crackpot20 also and loving southern side of map. On day 88 atm public game
  3. Hi Looking for players who r on almost daily. PvE only. Love sharing build ideas. Tired of playing alone or with just 1 other. Used to have a twin tower tribute but lost it to corruption. Im 38 n a big TWD fan. Have mic but also have 18 month old. I live in USA. On alot. SE Iowa. Luckystrike2778 is my gamer tag. Add me if you need a4th guy who likes having fun but can get stuff done too.
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