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  1. Did the POIs reset? I'm pretty sure I had a farmhouse hooked up with advanced campfire, forge and loot. Came back to it after update and it was back to day one status
  2. The seed kage848 suggested is freaking AWESOME! It is (case sensitive!): SleekHunting2 It's literally like you walk out of one town and stumble into another! Great POIs, etc. Thinking of turning the sky diner into a forge base
  3. I was JUST coming here to ask about the traders.... glad it was addressed. Jax, maybe you could lock selling certain items behind barter? I hate leaving behind an hdtv or a level 76 shotgun because they're worthless. So maybe you have to hit level 10 barter to sell guns, level 20 to sell tvs, computers, etc? Idk just an idea.
  4. Bye bye all my advanced workstations! Oh well, day one on 7dtd is like Christmas for me! Thank you again (can't say it enough) jax and company!
  5. I think g4k or kage stated that was originally what jax set out to do. Hitting a raven 4 times with a .44 is NOT realistic. But it IS a challenge lol
  6. I think people need to realize who the mods are aimed for, and choose according to their play style. If you are experienced, looking for hardcore challenges and prefer looting over building, ravenhearst or starvation. If you want a more laid back approach, try wotw. If you want a middleground, I'd say undead legacy maybe? And why did i just go to the store and buy spicy chips, Twinkies and cheese itz??? Damn you, Jax! - - - Updated - - - I totally understand your case, btw. I don't think jax was going for 100% realism though. I heard he was aiming to create a challenge for experienced players like him and his friends (initially).
  7. Exactly. Twine has never been a problem for me bc I sweep houses entirely. TFP are trying to get us back in houses by giving them a dungeon crawl in A17. Jax succeeded in reviving old POIs by adding twine. Omg I can't wait to see ravenhearst in a17! I might need a divorce lol
  8. Hey guys, apologies for this not being an entirely ravenhearst-related question, but if ANYONE can answer, it's this group: I'm going on a long plane trip soon. I want to bring my gaming laptop and play 7dtd (preferably w/ ravenhearst). Is there a way to play this offline? Vanilla and/or mod (through mod launcher)? Forgive my noob status! I was great with computers 10 years ago lol. I just recently switched to pc from console SOLELY to play 7dtd
  9. I have to agree with the general consensus here: if we have to restart, that's fine. We all appreciate and admire the hard work you guys are doing. Also appreciate the transparency and keeping us up to date. Those are things some game devs lack these days *cough* kefir *cough*
  10. If it has to do with sleeper volume, maybe check out the paintball poi. I was absolutely MOBBED in this POI on day 5. No wandering horde passed through, etc. They were all sleepers. And I mean MOBBED. Esp near the bathrooms
  11. I love everything so far. The balancing is exactly the pace I want for this game, the challenge is perfect, POI's rock. Only complaint thus far: 8 foot tall zombies are a bit unrealistic lol.
  12. Yes. The trigger button is my favorite method of unloading a gun. Preferably when pointed at an Edgar zombie
  13. I was killed day 1 by a pig. Not a boar. Or a wolf. A pig. Man I love this mod! P.S. I won't spoil this, but kudos to whoever created the jumpscares in certain bathrooms. ;-)
  14. Quality Joe goes up with player level now NOT scavenging, Thats HARSH hahaha Really? I guess that is a good thing...as long as it's not ridiculously balanced (like waiting until lvl 100 to get the last tier) I'm off work in 3 hours... then it's ravenhearst time! Can't wait... I've been looking forward to this more than A17
  15. Well, let me be the first to tell you, my wife is having her "." and I do NOT like them either lol. So I understand
  16. - - - Updated - - - You rock, man.
  17. I had a few loading errors... chicken coop, metal spikes, etc. But yes, I officially have it on my launcher! Thank you again jax. I might pull an all nighter and use a personal day at work tomorrow lol
  18. Pretty sure it's on the mod launcher now. Huge shout out to Jax and his team! I'll be sending my donation on Thursday when I get paid!
  19. I'm excited. Thank you guys for keeping us posted! I'm anxiously waiting on 7dtd mod launcher....
  20. Ps4secondtry has a lot of cliffs. It is what skippy is using on his playthrough
  21. 2 hub cities. ... yea lots. Use exact capitalization: Chris, crackpot20, WnJ, and AllOurDestiny actually has 3. I prefer Chris, as it has about 5 military camps located near the cities
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