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  1. Thankyou SylenThunder, I thought I was posting in xbox forum, then realized that it might be better off in console bug reports, even though it isnt exactly a bug it is still very helpful information.
  2. Ok I'll give that a go. Thankyou for responding, I was worried some people may take it as a troll attempt as it goes against a gamers natural instinct to "delete saves" which made me uncomfortable to begin with lol but I knew it was either give it a shot or wait for the disappointment to continue.
  3. This is my first post and I am trying to post in the console forums so hopefully it ends up in the right place where it may be of some help to xbox users. Perhaps someone else has already tested this or posted in regards to this possible work around but I have not seen a similar post yet. I have not been playing for nearly as long as some players here, (only since 6/28/2017) but just recently purchased the game for xbox1 digital download. I purchased the game fully aware of the MD5 error issues that seem to plague some very devoted players. My reason for purchasing a known buggy game was that it has tons of devoted supporters on PC as well as consoles and it has a great number of aspects that I was searching for in a game. I have quickly become quite addicted to the game and was also hit by the md5 error at 38 days in and also 41 days into my first play through. Although I have abandoned (maybe only temporarily) my first play through save, I do believe I have been able to avoid the md5 error on my second play through. I read through quite a lot of requests from players asking for the ability to 'manually save' because they think the cloud saves are not working properly or becoming corrupted. So I thought... "Did anyone confirm that there was anything wrong with the cloud?". Since starting my 2nd play through, any time at all that I ever encounter some sort of crash or other similar hiccough, BEFORE RE-LAUNCHING the game, I always go into 'my games and apps' for xbox, manage game, delete the local save from CONSOLE (not the reserved space or the save from everywhere else which would be the cloud), and resume to re-launch the game, then patiently wait for the console to re-sync with the cloud saves. So far at least in single player, I have not become a continuing victim of the MD5 error that so commonly wipes out large portions of player made bases or other 'chunks' from in game. Please note that I do not currently have a Gold xbox Live subscription (hopefully I will soon), or otherwise I would happily attempt to recreate this possible work around for use during multiplayer. Again, I do not know if anyone else has attempted this method or any other that is similar for avoiding whole or partial world resets but I do hope to hear some constructive feedback on how this might be of use to the devs at TFP as well as fellow 7dtd survivors! Good luck survivors! sTokedRecon
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