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  1. Thankyou SylenThunder, I thought I was posting in xbox forum, then realized that it might be better off in console bug reports, even though it isnt exactly a bug it is still very helpful information.
  2. Ok I'll give that a go. Thankyou for responding, I was worried some people may take it as a troll attempt as it goes against a gamers natural instinct to "delete saves" which made me uncomfortable to begin with lol but I knew it was either give it a shot or wait for the disappointment to continue.
  3. This is my first post and I am trying to post in the console forums so hopefully it ends up in the right place where it may be of some help to xbox users. Perhaps someone else has already tested this or posted in regards to this possible work around but I have not seen a similar post yet. I have not been playing for nearly as long as some players here, (only since 6/28/2017) but just recently purchased the game for xbox1 digital download. I purchased the game fully aware of the MD5 error issues that seem to plague some very devoted players. My reason for purchasing a known buggy game was th
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