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  1. I'm always skeptical when people say "promised" I don't recall them saying that. Maybe that it 'might' be possible and I know how some people 'might' perceive that as a promise.
  2. I have a question, when pulling out the blunderbus is it supposed to have little flames flickering at the end of it for a few seconds or is this a bug? For a second i thought i had equipped a flamethrower
  3. i just want to clarify in my own head that the background used in the twitter pictures, is it a real representation of lighting in the game or is it just as i thought and a fancy background image. I think a lot of people are getting excited about the background graphics as they look so realistic. https://twitter.com/7DaystoDie/statu...122624/photo/1
  4. I'm loving the new difficulty/challenge, perk system and progression feels slow but all the more rewarding, the newly designed pois made a jump scare and it was super effective it's been so long since a game has done that for me. Kudos to the pimps they took their time and it's paid dividends.
  5. From joels twitter: Thanks to everyone for an amazing streamer weekend. We plan on releasing experimental around 330 pm Central time, give or take a few hours
  6. Maybe you need to be able get things a bit quicker to help you deal with the improved AI? I dunno i reserve all opinion until i play A17.
  7. While i agree with you on your point about the wellness system being added then taken away, kind of a waste of time and resource. Alpha isn't for bug squashing and polishing, that's what beta is for and i wouldn't go as far as to say the perks/skills has been totally ripped out, it's just had it's second iteration, more to what the TFP had envisioned it to be. Also at the end of the day it's TFP's project and they can handle the situation however they see fit it's their game, their property and their prerogative. I think it's worked out so far.
  8. I read that mm is helping to finish off the skill tree so he doesn't just do art things. Its partly his business so probably likes to get hands on in a lot of areas to maximise production(i know i would)
  9. What's broken that they haven't already acknowledged and will eventually fix (in an alpha product)?
  10. The minority get pissy, the rest are mature adults who have evolved past the need to recklessly spout nonsense. Go outside get some air, ride a bike. You'll accomplish more doing that than what ever you are doing here.
  11. I seem to recall a feature that has been on console for a while now that has been added and that was when you start running you keep running until you let go of the forward movement button/analog stick. Therefore you only need to tap shift or hold it for a couple of seconds to initialize. It was in a video one of them on the front page, think it was where mm was showing off the new mo caps. Can you confirm Roland?
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