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  1. Can someone summarize what was on the stream ? Thanks in advance.
  2. Just read the Patch notes.So do you find Tech 1 Items at GS 12,Tech 2 on GS 50, Tech 3 on GS 91 or do you find them at GS 12,60,105 ?
  3. Little cool idea I got for story,it would be nice to find some torn diary pages in normal loot,and when you find all the notes you can assemble them to form a diary,which would give you some kind of a story/backstory from a group of survivors or something.
  4. @faatal Hello ,is it possible to fix this bug until a19 exp hits? Basically the bug is that traders get affected by the knockdown effect from sledgehammers/bats.They will fall to the ground after they are hit and they can bug under the ground.Players use this bug to sabotage traders on PVE/PVP servers.
  5. If you activate a quest POI that has a car in it,the car will respawn.There are plenty of cars in the Tier V apartment building.Or the factory.
  6. How is your world progressing? How did you deal with the horde? Can we get some new screenshots?
  7. Actually,It got confirmed that the summer stale starts at june 25th.
  8. My guess is EXP will come out mid/late May,perhaps early June.
  9. Are the new radiated zombies planned for A19 or A20?
  10. Nice.And what changes are you doing to the Integrated survival system?
  11. What does ISS mean,and how do you cure a concussion?
  12. That feature will be in A19.You complete a whole tier of quests for one trader and he will send you to the next trader.
  13. Great job on the new weapon and zombie models! Can't wait! Any ETA on alpha 19 btw?
  14. Hey MM, on the barrel of the desert vulture there is 50.AE written on it-does it mean we are getting a new ammo type? it would also make sense with the new top tier sniper rifle coming that it would use .50 cal ammo?
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