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  1. So I open Paint and created the gray highmap, then after overwriting and then generating a world, the pngs that came out were all green biomes so im only getting forst, only small lakes no large lakes whatsoever or any other biomes
  2. Hey man, I actully dont know how to make selfmade hightmap, and rest as well, i have no idea what you talking, sorry im a noob. anywhere i can learn more? dyou mean make a picture completely gray in like PH or something? if so can you elaborate on this a little "The size does not matter (unless you need more detail) "
  3. @Damocles hey man so everytime i create a world no matter what settings i have on landscape or smoothing, the world always comes so an even, what i mean so unflat there insane amounts of uneven ground in the whole map, some come very extremely uneven almost like small montines, the rest come uneven as well even, how do i create a map with the world being so flat and even? also what does smoothing exactly do?
  4. DaPope

    Origin UI MOD

    hey man, i just updated my server to the small patch they released few hours ago and my UI disappeared. can you make a new one that fits the update or should i just use the old one again
  5. I just installed it on my server you all are welcome to join. PVE with Botman servermanger Name: DaPope's PvE/War of the Walkers Mod/Botman Bot IP:
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