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  1. I've had a couple POIs that seemed to suddenly not only ignore my ability to sneak right up to things, but literally wake up the entire room the second I step inside it almost like an event trigger. I was thinking it may be specific POIs that's broken since it's only happened to me twice. Next time I run into it I'll take note of the exact POI and try to test it.
  2. Thank you sir! Really enjoying Alpha 18 so far and the group I play with seem to be enjoying it as well.
  3. Whenever I look at hilly terrain or mountains, my FPS plummets to about 30 when I'm otherwise at a solid 60 (even on a horde night with many people on. Great job on that front). Even standing on top of a mountain and looking straight down causes it. I seem to recall someone mentioning something like this before but don't remember which setting affects it?
  4. Yesss. This is something that has bugged me for a long time now and has even gotten me in trouble a few times due to being used to holding.
  5. Yeah I'm going to have to figure out a way to turn this off immediately. I have to live with frequent bouts of nausea, never usually leads to anything more than that but hearing vomit sounds definitely will make me feel even more uncomfortable at the very least. Everything else is sounding pretty great though. I can't wait to finally play this.
  6. I'm glad Madmole responded to this because I, and I imagine many others glossed over it being just a YouTube link with no idea what it was and I love the idea. Unique boss zombies that fit their respective POIs lorewise would be really cool. Especially if their location was randomized so you had no idea exactly where they may be each time you go in.
  7. I get that, they're just up there in age so the game is hard for them in general even though they love playing it. They'll likely keep dying and rarely level up lol. Not asking to change it btw I think it's a good change for most of the player base. There's an exp slider now right? I can probably just have them pump that up to help counter it.
  8. I'm a fan of not losing stats on death anymore. The hardest part of this new death penalty for me though, will be trying to explain to my parents how to mod it out lol. The game will literally be near unplayable for them.
  9. This could easily turn into a micro management nightmare once you have a large base with literally dozens of torches.
  10. Hey that's where I live. Small world.
  11. My group has run into this problem as well. The fences would last for a while during a horde night and then just suddenly stop. After the night was over we checked them but they weren't fully destroyed and would still make the sound like they were working but didn't actually work. We thought maybe they stopped working after taking so much damage, so I replaced them with new ones for a clean slate. The next horde night I made sure to keep repairing them over the course of the night. No dice, they still stopped working eventually. It went this way for a few horde nights in a row until suddenly...they just seemed to work all night as long as I prevented them from being destroyed completely. No changes were made between them suddenly failing and working fine so no idea what caused the weird behavior.
  12. New settings sound great, can't wait to try them out.
  13. I'm probably blind here, but is there not a craftable, normal 1/4 wood block? I see it in the creative menu and I think the cement one can be crafted iirc but not a wood version. Was trying to build with the 1/4 3 corner wood block and was only seeing the 1/4 wood SCTR which doesn't line up properly with those.
  14. Whatever happened to those player walking animations? Was neat seeing just how much the game has improved since then and suddenly the 3rd person animations actually looked better than we have now lol.
  15. Also legendary loot if that's still in the pipeline.
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