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    55+, been gaming since the 70's with the red and blue box original D&D. Been into computer games since the Vic-20/C-64 days, and online gaming since Battle Tech online on AOL. Yeah I been around. :-)
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    Gaming of course, and hunting, fishing, hiking.
  1. Error reading XML file when starting the loader. ***UPDATE the error is gone, thanks ?? *** This just started today when I start the loader. Tried redownloading and get the same.
  2. ** In looking through this I think this maybe after my toon was wiped and I did not have the problem. If you all do not see any problem here I can try and replicate the issue and then upload that log?** Here is my only file from July. https://pastebin.com/HjrjU16p Funny I had none from June. Anyway hope it helps.
  3. Playing on the Our Secrets server, SeaBees. Everything was wiped with B15. So this toon would have started on 15/wipe and is now at 16.
  4. Problem when selecting Alchemy quest. Hey anyone else having a problem when selecting the Alchemy quest to track? Twice now when I have done that it really messes up my toon. I can not open anything I placed, but can open game items. However when I do my courser is not visible. Pushing any of the keys to open interface panels clears the screen but does not open the panel. The only way I have been able to get back to "normal" screen is to hit L (my quest hotkey) and the ESC. I can move around but can not chat. Enter does nothing. If I get the server admins to load a old save of my toon everything is fine. Also this happened after I had a alchemy bench places if that matters.
  5. Well this mod has claimed top spot for me. Great work by everyone and the POIs are just amazing. One thing I have noticed. Has the timer on farming (plants) been lengthened or is it currently not working? I have had corn and aloe, in fertilized soil for over a week in game and still only get one item back. I have used both hands and a hoe to harvest them with the same results.
  6. First off great mod, toss up between this and Raevnherst as to which I like more. I am looking forward to the A17 version. I do have to mention the overly aggressive towns folk. I have had them come out of there building to attack me. Playing on an Our Secrets server and asked to have my player data wiped because I thought I had screwed up by looting (AKA Oblivion style). However even on the restart, with out killing a single NPC. A large % of the town want to attack me on sight. All I have to do is walk by there home and I can see them aggro and head to the door. If I open it they attack. If they glitch through it they attack. If your supposed to kill a large number of the town folk you are trying to save then I guess its working. But it just seems a bit to much to me. Thanks for everyone hard work.
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