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  1. @redneckraccoon On the controller you click the stick to run. You don't have to continually hold it down to run. The pedals aren't hard to press, and spring back nicely. After using the bundled software to set keys for the pedals, the settings are stored in the firmware. It will keep it's setting if you move it to another machine. The downside is I don't see a way to setup profiles for multiple games. You'd probably need to adjust key settings in each game to get it working smoothly across multiple games.
  2. @redneckraccoon When using the controller on PC, clicking the left stick acts as a run toggle. I'm requesting this feature be applied to keyboard input as well. It could be done as a separate key so it doesn't interfere with the default shift run behavior. Some may feel I should get over it and just use a controller. I doubt I'm alone in my preference for using keyboard and mouse controls. even broke down and found a usb foot pedal https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0753CSGTK got one pedal set as a shift key for running, and another as left click for mining, chopping trees, etc
  3. Requesting a run mode toggle option. Holding down the shift button for multiple play sessions is wearing out my pinky. The controller already has a run toggle by pressing down the tumbstick. I think Caps Lock would be a natural candidate for a run toggle, since it's generally a toggle for shift anyway. In some random posts on the topic of run toggle, other people responded with a variation of "tough it out" or "less immersive". If I wanted running to be a pain, I'd get off the computer and go run in real life. Running doesn't have to be a pain in the game. If the run toggle is optional, the purists could avoid it if they like.
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