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  1. The issue is that SMXui is loaded earlier in the game. Mods are loaded in 7 Days in alphabetical order, so renaming your ReClass folder to "zzzReClass" solves the issue. Just know that this might cause other compatibility issues you didn't have before. So be prepared to rename other folders as needed, and make sure to backup your saves jic.
  2. While I consider the Tactical Action mod my baby too, now, it's not mine to give or take permission for. IvanDX gave me his blessing to update it but if you want to get permission to do your own thing with it, I'm not the one to ask. Between you and me, though, I hope that he gives you the green light. GL. And thanks for the praise. It makes it easier for me to keep up the work.
  3. updated ReClass. Thanks mr.devolver Not that I know of off the top of my head, but I'll look into it. There are some options to play with for that, so I might be able to make something happen. No promises, but fingers crossed.
  4. I remember now why it's like that. TA adds the ability to disassemble ammo. Put it on your toolbar and left click. Since you can turn any vanilla ammo into TA ammo, its loot is low.
  5. I appreciate your appreciation. Once I find the patience to learn Unity, I think I can really get these iron sights down. Who knows? Maybe one of these days I'll start adding in my own weapons? Don't hold your breath on that last bit, though. Sure, upload your work, magejosh. I'm interested in looking it over. Worst case scenario, it can probably become an addon to the mod. Maybe I should upload this to the Nexus so that people can upload their addons there and have all our mods easily linked together?
  6. It is, but it shouldn't be TERRIBLY rare. The concept was to not interfere with the vanilla loot too much. Having a few new ammo types would have watered everything down and made it harder to survive. New ammo can be made at the Ammo Bench, so it's not completely out of the question to have some, but I'll have to look into the actual loot drops rather than the loot table to make sure they're showing up as often as they should.
  7. Tactical Action updated.
  8. I appreciate the appreciation. Here's hoping IvanDx does come back. He runs circles around me. Thanks for the help with the ammobench. I recently learned about that, but I never use the bench myself so I didn't notice. I'll be happy to update the mod. Yeah, I got rid of all the appliances as well as the changes to foliage, the fat Hawaiian zombie, and Screamer. Some things weren't behaving with a20, especially with the new city changes. I opted to get the guns working and then think about those later, but rn I'm thinking about leaving them gone. Right now, I'm updating all the iron sights of the guns since they're WAY off. But I can't pivot or rotate the weapons since I don't know how to use Unity. So I'm just sorta sliding them around the screen with ScopeOffset as best I can. It's not ideal, but it's all I've got atm. I've got some fixes for the major weapons done already, and I'll release as soon as it's done. Then, I'll think about doing minute adjustments to some of the assault rifles whose iron sights are a smidget to the right. Which would be a problem when trying to snipe with them.
  9. Hey, updated the file. Made a mistake and forgot to get rid of the pumped up values I was using for testing. The original file I uploaded was giving 10x as much exp as it was supposed to.
  10. I made a patch for you.
  11. TA uses vanilla tags. It works with the vanilla perks, I made sure of it. So long as AS does the same, you should be good out of the box.
  12. Yeah, IvanDx wanted it known that the mods were working just fine. It was a personal preference I chose to respect. Those yellow errors won't hurt anything. What? Are they conflicting or something? Or are they just not being picked up by the new skills?
  13. Idk how to do that. Last I checked, IvanDX was going to with the original mod, but nothing came of that att. Here's hoping he has an update for us one day.
  14. ReClass update for Tactical Action compatibility.
  15. I didn't know this mod was released. I wanted to try it for ages and was pining for its concept across all games. Does it work fine with your A20 game? Anything I should know before I try it?
  16. So what are you trying to achieve with your game? No zombies but having quests to do for fun here and there? Like what? The fetch and bury quests only or something?
  17. Probably because quests usually involve killing zombies or something. Glad it worked out for you, so to speak.
  18. Rename your mod folder to Mod1 or something random, make a fresh new mod folder with just Tactical Action and Requests. Make sure your game is verified and you launch without EAC by using the .exe in the game folder. Start a new game so you don't wipe your old one, and use creative menu to see if it works this time. Sounds like some interference or something with another mod atm.
  19. Not every mod is going to work with every weapon, by design. IvanDX wanted it that way and I'm honoring it. Especially because I couldn't put a silencer model on it.
  20. Yeah, they all do things. Not all of them have custom sounds, but the zombies should react differently regardless. Unless I did something to it in a19 that I don't remember, but I highly doubt it. TA mods only work with TA weapons. Some vanilla mods work with TA mods though, so experiment.
  21. The new ammo only works on the new guns. Same with the mods. The new guns that work with vanilla ammo... work with vanilla ammo. I tried to stay true to IvanDX's design, out of respect for the original author. And I didn't want to use the new mods with the old guns without them showing up cosmetically.
  22. 7 Days To Die\Mods\TacticalAction\Config\XUi_Menu Delete that Xui_Menu folder to get rid of the main menu screen change. As for the start class system, I'm looking into making a new one, that will completely replace this one. I imagine you'll like it better, and it'll be much more balanced, so I haven't been giving much thought to the current one. Yeah, it was a high priority for me since I didn't want to play a20 without it. And yes, I'll tryhard to make the changes separate, if I can. I'm working on fixing the aim sights as best I can, but they are REALLY high compared to where the sights are. I've got a partially done bit rn, but it takes a while. I basically have to make adjustments to the file, load in from the main menu, and then try again and again and again. I wised up and made 10 entries for each gun, and screencaps to compare my changes, but it still takes a while. I've also ran into issues with some guns like the UMP, which worked fine in 19, but now I can't get the sights to line up. It's like the gun is leaning backwards a bit. So I've compromised by zooming in on the gun , but that means you can only use the far end scope, instead of both as it was meant to be. Better than nothing, though. Some of the guns translated just fine. Seems like anything that zooms, worked fine. It's the pistols, revolvers, and shotguns that needed the most work, with the smgs and half the assault rifles needing less. I'm on it though, hold tight.
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