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  1. Any chance of seeing the hand models changing depending on the clothing you are wearing?
  2. Спасибо за вашу помощь n2n1, я пытался здесь, но получил ту же проблему. Я нашел префаб под названием "Pond01" и применил его к декоративным блокам, он вроде работал. Еще раз спасибо за вашу помощь! Thanks for your help n2n1, I tried here, but got the same problem. I found a prefab called "Pond01" and applied it to the decorative blocks, it seemed to work. Thanks again for your help! я планирую добавить несколько разбившихся вертолетов и грузовиков, чтобы добавить ощущение "S.T.A.L.K.E.R" Кроме того, я сейчас работаю над биомом "Мусора", как у Сталкера. I plan to add some crashed helicopters and trucks to add a sense of "S.T.A.L.K.E.R" In addition, I am currently working on the "Garbage" biome, like in Stalker.
  3. I use this to create custom sounds in Modlets, but it may help you 1° You will add your sounds to Unity3D and export them as a ".unity3d" file 2° Create a "sounds.xml" file, and add it to your "Config" folder 3° The path you will use is gonna be something like this (example) <AudioClip ClipName="#@modfolder:Resources/SOM1.2.1.unity3d?AK74"/> Resources: The folder where your "Sounds.unity3d" will be placed SOM1.2.1: The name of the folder in Unity that contains your sounds AK74: Name of the file contained in "SOM1.2.1" folder in Unity Hope i helped.
  4. Hello 7dtd community, i'm working in a Swamp Biome, but i'm having a problem. Where you see stone and sand, it was supposed to be Water. the code i'm using is: <layers> <layer depth="5" blockname="water"> <resource blockname="terrOreGravelPlusIron" prob="0.071" rwgGenerationType="all"/> </layer> <layer depth="1" blockname="terrDirt"> <resource blockname="terrOreGravelPlusIron" prob="0.321" rwgGenerationType="all"/> </layer> <layer depth="*" blockname="terrStone"> <resource blockname="terrOreIron" prob="0.3100" rwgGenerationType="all"/> <resource blockname="terrOreGravelPlusIron" prob="0.4130" rwgGenerationType="all"/> <resource blockname="terrOreSilver" prob="0.00030" rwgGenerationType="all"/> <resource blockname="terrOreGold" prob="0.00020" rwgGenerationType="all"/> <resource blockname="terrOreDiamond" prob="0.00010" rwgGenerationType="all"/> </layer> As you can see, the Water Layer is under the Stone Layer Any Help is Welcome
  5. Is there any way to remove HDHQ packs?
  6. Thnks for the support Taylorsd! I'm working now in a project to create new prefabs to 7DTD, all of them based in STALKER, i wanna create the X16 lab, X18 lab, sidorovich's Bunker, some regular russian apartments and even Duty/Freedom bases, it will take some time, but i'm already working on it.
  7. Thanks Guppycur, the mod only changes the Decorations in the biome, the textures are the vanilla ones. - - - Updated - - - Thanks Guppycur, the mod only changes the Decorations in the biome, the textures are the vanilla ones. - - - Updated - - - Thanks for the Support Laz Man!
  8. YuriBengala

    Russian Biomes

    Russian Biomes V1.2 V1.2 Improved Desert Biome V1.1 Improved the Snowy Biome Basically this mod changes the enviroment from the main forest of 7DTD, it is made to ressemble a Taiga forest. In future Updates i pretend to make a overhaul in other biomes, add swamps, marshes, Tundras... HOW TO INSTALL -Extract the file (RU_Biomes) -Search in the archive for a folder called "Russian_Biomes" -Introduce the "Russian_Biomes" archive in your Mods folder (if you don't have one, create a folder called "Mods" in your 7dtd directory) -Done! ScreenShots LINK https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/394 Special Thanks: DUST2DEATH (i based myself in his HDHQ mod to create this one) Other Mods: Check out my another mod in Nexus (Soviet Weapon Pack): https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/251 CONTACT: chekkibrekkiivdamke@gmail.com
  9. Can we expect support for new UMA models? At the current version we can't add new armor (Modding).
  10. Pretty cool stuf! Something that i think would bring a better immersion is more vegetation, like ferns, reeds, more trees around lakes and rivers. Also Swamps and bogs would be nice in game Thanks!
  11. YuriBengala

    Soviet pack

    Update 1.2.1 is out!
  12. Thats gonna be something i wanna see, awesome! This way is gonna be possible to create more items right? like duplicate a item and change the textures, creating more variability. Oh and if you could add camouflage texture to BDU, it would look awesome too
  13. YuriBengala

    Soviet pack

    Thanks dutchplayers!
  14. YuriBengala

    Soviet pack

    Thanks Necrodemus, i pretend to add more guns, and armor (when the engine permits) also Mutants from STALKER.I also am a big fan of S.T.A.L.K.E.R Series, in fact my favourite game - - - Updated - - - Lol VSS is a awesome gun, expensive to make in this mod lol, a new Update is out, i fixed the gun buggy ironsights, including the VSS one
  15. YuriBengala

    Soviet pack

    - - - Updated - - - Thanks bdubyah, posted some. Its a interesting idea to do this with a Bayonet, but i think it's not possible in the current game engine.
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