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    Username: Broneigh (Bro)
    ​Real Name: Theodore (Ted)
    ​Age: 24
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    ​About Me:
    1. ​My professional designation is 'Computer Service Technician'.
    ​2. I am a mediator. I am a "keep the peace" kind of person.
    ​3. I love puns, play on words, and any kind of "lowbrow" comedy. ( I actually liked JarJar Binks)
    ​4. I play video games (Order of Frequency hi to low: PC, Xbox One, 3DS, Wii U, Xbox 360).
    ​5. I am a Brony, if you haven't figured that out (See #3).
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    Computer repair, video games
  1. Did a new update go through? i just got a 4.3 gb update.
  2. Maybe some kind of hand cranked gatling gun using ball and shot? Its "automatic" firing is slow but, no reload for a short while, and reloading involves replacing a preloaded cylinder, maybe, just spitballing. range is terrible but acceptable amongst a crowd of zombies
  3. been enjoying me some Jar jar binks in the The Clone Wars animation
  4. thank you meesa big doo doo head.
  5. I'm sorry if it's been stated or if this is a "done when done" but was stable release date stated?
  6. It's variable based on discovered bugs, but a week-two weeks is normal realm of happening
  7. a19 experimental is opt in. when they release stable it will be as normal
  8. I think he wants to know if it's based on timezone, or if it is a rolling release. is it midnght GMT? 6am EST? 11pm PST? Who knows? Roll your dice, you move your mice, nobody gets hurt
  9. @madmole I know this may not be your greatest concern atm, but i did just want drop a thought concerning the drone. I saw in video mention of fuel for the drone. and a concept i think would work is this: a charging station. idk what it takes to build a drone or the materials, but give it a time limit using the battery system that is used for bases. you can either take it home and attach it to special charging dock, maybe reskin the battery bank for that. or maybe use the battery bank ui to put a battery(s) to keep it running, where battery quality determines length of use
  10. I can see your concern with you also need to consider this. Once he built something he doesn't need to build again (unless destroyed) so eventually he'll build all that NEEDS to be built, and either will do other things or start building for the sake of exp. it's all a scaling balance, he gets a boost but it will plateau, yours is (harder) but will get easier and faster later.
  11. So, I can craft augers now (got through skill, not schematic) How how do I make higher tier versions? what do I have to put points into?
  12. Welp I am now officially dead to the world. catch you on the flip side
  13. Have we hit the age that Yoda isn't a household name? I am saddened. let us pray for the next generation.... F...
  14. This Man Gets It! Finally someone who smells the potential that is an Int Build! Finally someone who goes Int and doesn't play League of Legends. Or maybe he does but the joke stands!
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