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  1. The main reason the Behemoth was removed , was because of the whole Alien DNA thing and to stop people from further speculating/obsessing/bitching about this games "zombie" lore...and not some rigging and pathing issues right! 👽 Well , didn't work...just saw even more of that the last couple of pages...lol
  2. Ahhh , forums have changed... I'm scared...hold me!
  3. Will continue to hold off playing until next alpha as I always do! I always like completely restarting every alpha , playing as long as I can go before I start to get bored etc. and every single alpha my play time has gotten longer and longer...so that means its all going in a good direction , with the only thing stopping my from playing now is the real life virus and my weapon and supply hording for THAT
  4. Still should make a shirt that says "I was there when it was square!" that shows the old A7 and early gameplay...Would be "retro-cool" for all us old time players...lol
  5. Don't know why people are having problems with toilet paper...you only need to use 1 square each time you go! Just use your finger and water , then use that one square to clean out your finger nail!
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