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  1. Thanks for the tip. I'll check it out.
  2. Hay Valmar, can you please check if you can reproduce what I'm experiencing using Valmod. It seems that I cannot find anywhere any blueberry shrubs in the game. All I see are azaleas, cotton, goldenrod, corn, yucca. aloe, and chrysanthemum but not blueberry. It seems too that I cannot harvest shrubs by pressing 'E' on select shrub-types like Cotton and Goldenrod. It does not show the option for them. Smashing it with the axe will nothing at all. Are the bushes bugged? Please check, thanks!
  3. Any idea why some icons are missing in game? Like the crossbow or silenced quality sniper rifle in the inventory? I was using the survival recipe BTW.
  4. Hey Val, can you try to include an option to have the Day/Time/Temp/Food/Water stats in your Valmod Hud since you have a separate windows.xml? Thanks
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