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  1. savegames for 7dtd can be grow very big. Navezgane can grow up to 1 gb. rwg-maps can grow up to 26 gb. is cloud storage space big enough to store the gamesaves? local free storage space big enough to store new savegame data while playing?
  2. 16k is biggest map current all bigger maps give textursize error in the 7d2d client.
  3. on default is 100% recieving and dealing damage on lowest is 200% dealing and 50% recieving damage on highest is 25%? dealing and 200%? recieving damage this is what i can remember. general you can say is the difficulty lower then normal player deal more damage and recieve reduced damage, is it higher then it is the other way. the value decrease by 25% stepping and increase by 50% stepping, highest is 200%? and 25% the lowest.
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