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  1. Thank you for the timely reply. I've encountered similar gamebreaking errors in the past. Are there suggestions on how to avoid these types of errors in the first place? I haven't managed to make it beyond gamestage 150 due to this. In the meantime I will try manipulating \region\, etc. -goatmorty
  2. Hello, As the title states, I am having trouble loading a save file. This occurred while playing single player vanilla 7DTD on Windows. As instructed, I have attempted the "Possible Fix for Restoring a Corrupted Save" to no avail. I also validated Steam files, which resulted in 3 files requiring maintenance. I did not find my error in the Google Sheets bug report. I am hoping against hope that the forum community can offer a solution. Thank you for considering this post. Here is the pastebin link to my log file: https://pastebin.com/nEgfFP8w When the error occurred: I was exploring a wasteland biome when my game suddenly was interrupted by the debug window, ending with a red font EndOfStreamException line. Not wanting to further corrupt my file, I tried to Exit the game. I was unable to use the Exit button, so I Alt-f4'd to close the game. I tried relaunching and reloading, but I was not able to successfully load, again interrupted by the same EndofStreamException in the debug code. Thank you again for your time. -goatmorty
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