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  1. LAZ just think of all the good you would be doing for the world. You would make so many people happy.
  2. A whole premade map would be amazing for something like this. Imagine if they add bandits. The fun we would all have!!!
  3. @laz I love you lol. I am obsessed with the walking dead and have loved this prefab for a long time. Any chance of making any other landmark prefab from the walking dead?
  4. Lowers exp from zombies... Let me know when the next build is out lol
  5. What did they take away though? You still have access right?
  6. The longer the wait the crankier you all get lol Atlas release was delayed a week. Curious which will go gold first.
  7. So am I playing a new build today or getting drunk or.... both???? Lol
  8. The music reminded me of 80s adult movies... was waiting on the zombie strippers to show up...
  9. Yep there was - - - Updated - - - They really should add holiday events.
  10. U must loot a pop n pill. I usually get at least 1.
  11. I think it is random. I made a bunch of stuff with different number of mod slots. Some blues have 1 and even zero.
  12. I agree that it is getting too easy again. Stop the nerfs for crying out loud. Level 75 and having no issues killing everything.
  13. Anyone know if the issues with the vehicles going up ramps have been reported?
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