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  1. Some of my workstations have gone invisible, but when I turn the camera to a certain angle they will reappear at other angles. When invisible all there is left is shadows of the item. Is there a fix to this? Thanks.
  2. I love the powered garage doors, or should I say half love since I can only figure out how to open them automatically with a motion sensor from one side and I can't have the garage door hooked up to a motion sensor for the other side. Is there a way to make them open from both sides? Thanks.
  3. When I am doing the tier 5 quests I always hear screamers breaking into the building and they will chase me down. Funny when they sneak up behind you lol
  4. The rented machines will sometimes sell items from your vending machine to npcs. I was told that the the machines you buy from the trader do not do that.
  5. Is there a way to mod the player owned vending machine to behave like the rented ones which sell items to "npcs"? Thanks.
  6. Interesting. I am curious if you can mod it to behave just like the rented ones.
  7. Not exactly sure, but I am 99% sure I read that somewhere. Makes sense though. It allows for those who play single player to use them. I hope the player owned ones do also.
  8. Do the player bought vending machines sometimes sell thing to "npcs" like the rented ones? I play single player and was curious. Thanks.
  9. I started a petition to show The Fun Pimps how much interest there would be in a custom The Walking Dead map DLC. Is that something that is permitted to be shared here? I wanted to ask first. Thanks and have a great day.
  10. I am getting amazing fps on mostly max settings with my 1060 card. Most times it is 50+ fps. I do have a question thought. If I am looking through iron bars anything past the bars is blurry. If I look away and back it is clear for a few seconds. Is that a feature I can adjust?
  11. LAZ just think of all the good you would be doing for the world. You would make so many people happy.
  12. A whole premade map would be amazing for something like this. Imagine if they add bandits. The fun we would all have!!!
  13. The tooltip states that they can be placed anywhere, but can they be placed underground? Thanks.
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