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  • 7 Days To Die (Crash due problems with shaders)

    • Version: A21 b234

    ОС: Windows 10 x64

    CPU Model: Intel i5 2500

    System Memory: 16 GB DDR3

    GPU Model and VRAM: Intel HD Graphics 2000 128 MB 

    Screen Resolution: 1920x1080

    Video settings: Custom (Maybe crashing because i play at a resolution of 640x480. Fullscreen mode: Exclusive. Dynamic resolution mode: Scale. Dynamic resolution scale: 40)

    Game Mode: SP, but when I play with a friend, the crashes don't go away and my computer always acts as the host. I often create worlds myself, but crashes occur on Navezgane too. I don't use dedicated server.


    Yes, i wiped all game data.


    Yes, i started new game.


    I don't validated my files, because i full reinstall the game.


    No, i don't use mods.


    EAC off.


    Status: NEW.


    Bug Description: 

    The crash is due to some kind of shader, this is the only thing I understood from the crash file. Also there is an entry saying that my feature level is not supported even though my max level is 10_1. Still sometimes there are texture breaks, I will attach the photo.


    Detalied steps to reproduce the bug:

    1) We go as usual in the world.

    2) At some random moment, a shader comes across that the system cannot render.

    3) Game is crashing.


    Actual Result: Game crashing due of some shaders


    Expected Result: Normal working game.


    Link to Pastebin Output Log: https://pastebin.com/mA05XU0v

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    Regarding the pink textures, I know there was similar bug reported and the resolution was to remove "-force-feature-level-10-0" but I don't see that in your logs anywhere


    I do see in your log you have errors about d3d11. Does it still happen if you disable "SS Reflections" in the game settings? There is something on the Known Issues list about that:



    SS Reflections can cause some GPU's to fail, leading to a crash (if you receive d3d11 buffer fails in your log with a crash, try disabling SS Reflections)


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    @NekoPawtato Thanks for answer. In my settings SS Reflection was off. As for “-force-feature-level-10-0”, I recently tried this command, but before it and after removing it, I didn’t notice any changes, pink textures and crashes remained the same.

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    @TSBX Then why did everything work fine on the A20? In the list of changes, I did not notice any global changes in the graphics, and in the game it was also somehow imperceptible, except that some textures were changed and added.

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