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Issues with friend connecting since b221


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I've had a dedicated server running on a spare laptop (Win 10) at my house since A17 dropped. There are only 3 or 4 of us that play with really only 2 of us playing regularly. My issue is with that other person trying to connect to the server. Since the beginning of A17, he was unable to connect if I was logged into the server (aside from one time where it was me and another friend logged in) but he was able to see and connect to the server as long as I wasn't in it. After updating to B221, he hasn't been able to see the server at all unless I'm logged in and the connection times out. If he tries to connect via IP, it just times out. He can connect to other b221 servers and play.


Since the issues started, I have reflashed my router back to OEM firmware from DD-WRT (I was having issues with the router locking up when applying port forwarding so I thought I'd go back). I have started a new map, I have re-installed the dedicated server. He's done a clean wipe of the game and re-installed and we're still having the same problems.


I have a VPN connection that I typically run on my personal computer and can login to my server whether I'm connected to it or not. The server always shows up in the public list, but only ever shows up in the local list when I'm not connected to the VPN (expected behavior).


I'm pretty much out of ideas at this point.


My newest server logs where you can see his attempts to connect:



Partial logs from his client while we were troubleshooting:




I thought it was interesting that in the one log it's attempting to connect to the local IP of the server while in the other it was using my external IP. The fact that his client was able to detect my internal IP and that my VPN connects makes me feel that my ports are forwarded correctly but there's still something going wrong here. Unfortunately, I can't get a hold of any of my other friends to really settle whether it's a server or a client issue. I figured with him being able to connect to other B221 servers, it was most likely my server but again, I'm out of ideas of what else to check.


Thanks for any help.

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We've found the solution to this problem.


The issue is because the server contains another user that is your friend. If this is the case, the game will try to use SteamNetworking to connect to the server instead of a direct connection. Typically, dedicated servers disable SteamNetworking as a best practice.


The workaround:

1) Sign out of Steam Friends & Chat

2) Connect to game

3) You can now sign back in to Steam Friends & Chat

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