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How many HP they got?


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How many HP the Zombies have got at max. difficulty?

I am testing sneaky 1 shotter.


I maxed out all the ranged dmg skills for sneaking (Perception 50%, Boom! Headshot 150%, Hidden Strike 200%) and use this, after trying all the other weapons (not enough dmg), with a silencer shotgun loaded with slugs.

The weapon says 155 dmg ... but its not enough :crushed:

Most of the ferals survive the sneak headshot.


The weapon stats say the efficient range of it is 5y ... so the dmg of the gun will be lowered after 5y?


Damnit. I want to sneak :fat: , but it feels useless.

After the first silenced shot the whole POI is charging at me.

If my target dies of one shot, the sleepers (mostly) dont wake up.

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A lot of high-end undead can have over 450hp, and even more on higher difficulty settings. A zombie bear has 1000hp at a base level, and that probably goes up by 20-30% or more per step in difficulty... so you're looking at some serious beef if you think 'max difficulty' isn't going to grind you into the dirt in a straight fight.


my advice, play Nomad. Nobody cares how hard max difficulty is except forum braggers, so nobody's balancing it for fun.

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