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Introduce scrap iron tools


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First off, I like the direction of the new skill advancements in a17, it keeps people from "digging their way to lvl 200" and actually focus on survival. But if we're gonna be stuck using stone axes 'till we can level up enough to make forges, it would be nice to make scrap iron tools such as a pickaxe, axe, shovel, heck even a scrap iron shiv. I know if I were in a survival situation that I would try to craft tools out of scrap iron instead of going back to the stone age. There is plentiful scrap iron in this post-apocalyptic world.


Also, I get that you can buy iron tools from a trader and also fix them at any level or that there are prefab forges we can use, but it would be more awesome to craft scrap iron tools, lets say out of: wood, scrap metal, and duct tape. It goes without saying, but their durability and damage doesn't need to be great, just better than stone tools and a bone shiv.


There's already scrap iron armor and iron reinforced clubs which are pretty handy at low levels, why not add scrap iron tools?

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