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Perks as Quest Reward


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It's more or less a template, that needs some major polishing. After the start quest, when you went to the trader, a quest line is started (wrong name, drunk blabla). You have to kill 1 zombie while holding a magnum. Then you go to the trader and get a "magazine", which will unlock a level of a new perk, that is, however, called "Gunslinger" (there are two gunslingers now). A new quest is started as well, kill another zombie with the magnum, go back to the trader, get the next magazine and quest - and so on.


The magazine, however, unlocks the perk for 3,600,000 seconds. Should be enough for a game. I tested it for quite a while and a couple of times, but who knows what kind of glitches I might've overlooked.


If anybody found a way to unlock a perk with a quest but without a magazine, that would be neat.

Kubikus Perks as Quest Reward.zip

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