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Well done tfp!


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Logged in here for the first time in a while just to say WOW I've only played a couple of hours but I'm blown away with how different it is. Haven't even tried a lot of the new vehicles and game mechanics but as a 1000+ hour player I'm back to huddling in a busted up house at night clutching a club and hoping there isn't some new way into this POI I don't know about.


What an experience! I've not played any other game for this amount of time and boom free update it feels like new!


To everyone bitching and moaning about changes, the release notes did emphasise it's experimental, yes it's going to take time to work through things and what new concepts are good and what isn't (all my deaths are from vultures...) but don't miss the fact that this is a MASSIVE leap forward. :cocksure::cocksure::cocksure:

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