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Trying to tweak the weapon classes...


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New to modding, so please forgive my noobishness.


In A17E b199 I made an automatic crossbow, but I had to change the class to "Ranged" (same as AK) as opposed to the normal Xbow's "Launcher" to get it to fire in a full auto mode as opposed to launching the whole magazine at once (also firing 1 bolt with none in my inventory gave me -19 ammo, but I'll sort that out later), but now there is no Bolt on top of the Xbow and it doesn't show arrows flying thru the air. Also it doesn't give a chance to retrieve but I'm more bugged by the lack of visible arrows flying.



Where are the classes located so I can play around with those? Been looking thru the XMLs for like 2 hours and I just cannot find them, or any reference/programmers notes that can point me to where they are




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