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  1. Thanks, I've got it ALMOST working for the drink part using this: <set xpath="/items/item[@name='drinkJarBeer']/property[@class]/@class">Action1</set> <set xpath="/items/item[@name='drinkJarBeer']/effect_group[@tiered='false']/triggered_effect[@trigger='onSelfPrimaryActionEnd']/@trigger">onSelfSecondaryActionEnd</set> Right Click now drinks, but for some reason, the screen does not give the drunken blur even though I get the Buzzed buff. I can't find anything in the item or buff code tying it specifically to the Primary Action. Thanks again sphereii, and Mer
  2. Trying to change Action0 to Action1 and append new Action0 (drinkJar Trying to make the default drink be Right Click, and append the basic punch (unarmed left click) to drinks (currently proof of concept, tweaks to come later) I've tried 2 ways so far (about to head to dinner so I figured I'd bounce it off a few of you) <set xpath="/items/item[starts-with(@name, 'drinkJar') and not(contains(@name, 'Empty'))]/property[@Class='Action0']">Action1</set> <set xpath="/items/item[starts-with(@name, 'drinkJar') and not(contains(@name, 'Empty'))]/property[@Class='Action0'
  3. I don't think that's possible. Pretty sure the <property name="DescriptionKey" value="[anyItemDesc]"/> queries the Localization.txt in how the command runs, and TFP haven't given us enough access to write our own properties and classes to do this a different way We asked essentially the same question with different words, I guess a moderator merged your thread with mine because they cover the same idea
  4. Thanks, I suppose I was just staring at the code too long to miss something that simple...
  5. Not sure how to do it with XPath but are you trying to fix the looping idle sound or just make them silent? If just trying to fix the idle bug you can comment out the idle sounds on each (tested on local files and on a server's XML but not local in b199 and it was a temp fix for the looping when not equipped but), still plays the sound when using them.
  6. Pastebin complained my file was too big, so I'll separate it STABLE LAUNCH (but limiting stack size on Flaming Arrow & Exploding Xbow not working): items.xml from my mod test folder: https://pastebin.com/Ybrhajdr items.xml from exportcurrentconfigs (starting from last vanilla item): https://pastebin.com/6jj1qcSM changed item from items.xml from exportcurrentconfigs: https://pastebin.com/gq8nTy4Y If I change the items.xml in the mod test folder to: <configs> <!-- LAZY COPY/PASTE TEMPLATES --> <!-- <property name="" value=""/> --> <append xp
  7. Thx sphereii I'll see about appending a stack number in the append section (the sets are beneath the appends for that specific reason) --- Ok so the whole thing currently looks like this <configs> <append xpath="/items"> <!-- snip --> </append> <append xpath="/items/item[@name='ammoArrowFlaming' or @name='ammoCrossbowBoltExploding']/property[@name='Stacknumber']/@value">250</append> <set xpath="/items/item[@name='resourceCement' or @name='resourceConcreteMix']/property[@name='Stacknumber']/@value">6000</set> <set xpath="/items/
  8. SandyBeaches did comment right after your question, unless it was just 2 ppl posting at once. And ty, cuz this is half of what I came here for --- So I'm trying to increase the stack sizes on feathers and Arrows/Bolts NOT including flaming/exploding I copy pasted the drinkJar from one of the earlier posts as ref, and confirmed it works for the drinkJar items but not the ammo. I even copy/pasted the drinkJar and changed it to the ammoArrow/ammoCrossbow and Flaming/Exploding. Is it because ammoArrowFlaming/ammoCrossbowBoltExploding extend another item instead of being a parent item t
  9. Has anyone figured a way to update localization.txt with xpath? As is I was planning on including and UpdateLocalization.txt and an UpdateQuest.txt with brief instructions to copy paste the stuff below the instructions to the end of the respective Localization files, unless there's a better way Thanks
  10. So I tried adding in an item using the xpath and it throws an error and doesn't parse the items.xml file at line 16, expects item but doesn't find it. Am I just derping the code or can I not extend an item referenced in the original items.xml using xpath? The line referenced in the error is the first </property> after <property class="Action0">. <configs> <!-- LAZY COPY/PASTE TEMPLATES --> <!-- <property name="" value=""/> --> <append xpath="/items"> <!-- Van Helsing Crossbow --> <item name="gunCrossbowVanHelsing"> <property na
  11. Any chance of updating to A16 b112 soon? specifically the recipe maker, I wanna play with that, haven't tried it yet but it sounds interesting
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