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A16 Extermination Starvation mod + compo-pack Server


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The Extermination started in December 2010 with Arma 2 then continued with Arma 3, Ark and 7 days to die. Tired of changing servers every week because they were too easy, admins abuse, etc…. I decided to start my own server with one Idea in my head, challenge.


While new players like easy games, more experienced gamers love a challenge. That's what I like and my community too. Easy games and easy loot isn't for everyone.

Our server is PVE hardcore. Lots of zombies (especially in prefabs), animals, etc.


We use Starvation Mod with compo-pack to make the game interesting and different from others.

Loot is set to low and the respawn time is 20 game days. You don't want an easy game, do you?

Plus we have Botman, with lots of nice commands, to make your game time nice.

There is some bandits and some other nice stuff.


Day Night Length 70 min

Drop On Death backpack

Block Durability Modifier 200 (harder to break a block for zombies too)

Loot Abundance 25

Land Claim Size 50

Air Drop Frequency 96


You can find us searching Extermination Starvation.

Installation infos, rules is on our steam group.



Active admins.


* Note we are using A16.4 you need starvation installed on your machine to play on our server.



See you in game.

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