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Desert Survival...


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Here is what I have learned so far after starting in Navezgane desert. I am up to day 26 so far.


First off, find a water source, ideally a pond rather than a water tower. You go through TONS of water, and you need the clay around the edges of natural water sources. Clay is very rare in the deserrt.


Make a fiber hat and leather poncho ASAP, and get at least the first rank of temperature resist. Otherwise, going outside will suck you dry and nerf your stats. Wear anything that gives heat resist.


Chop up potted plants with an axe for bonus clay. Get the mother lode perk to maximize clay and wood harvesting.


You can make farms in the desert with enough clay. 16 clay makes 1 forest soil, then hit with a hoe. Consider growing cotton for bandages.


Get rank one of Chef, hard boiled eggs will save your life!


Obviously hydration perk is important.


Long term go for cement,since it requires no clay. Until then you are stuck with wood for building.

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