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Ermegerd, BERKS!


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I just made a bike and it's a game changer. That being said, I use a mod that removes level gating because level gating something and locking it behind perk and stat points is Very Silly.


Anyway, bikes are relatively cheap and easy to make (even for me in the desert where there is almost no clay), and the bike makes exploring a viable option! I can now go loot a PoI and get back to my base before nightfall, which is awesome! In A16 I had to hope I found the minibike book(I never liked the RNG system for stuff I considered "core"), and even then it was a pain in the butt to make and was pretty buggy. So far the bike works perfectly and it makes the game ten times more fun.


The only issue is that 7DtD isn't saving my vehicle control map and I have to reset them once per session, but that is a minor issue.

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