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What they added, what they removed


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Well let's go on a positive note. Let us give to Caesar what is to Caesar's. Some aspects of the A17 are wonderful! Graphics, effects, sounds, AI, most textures, POIs, vehicles (not yet tested). Everything is more beautiful! Hat to the artists!

I especially enjoyed the new textures of the ak-47 and its new sound effects. Finally, decent textures for guns! ALLELUIHA !!

The technical optimization too has been worked out. no More of these micro-freezes every 10 seconds! It's a delight !!! (for me, though I have a 10 year old PC!)

I could see the new look of the zombie cop. Simply grandiose !!! He is now as he should always have been! It is dark and brutal and inspires terror! (I only saw him for a few seconds, I could not fight, only the wooden bow ...)




What I liked in 7d2d (A16) was that I could apprehend survival in a post-apo world as I would have done in real life. to know :


- Build my habitat little by little, install defenses, cultivate my food. Or improve a house / structure of the "old world".

- Acquire raw resources by my own means through logging and mining.

- Go on an adventure away from home to discover the world and acquire various objects "relics of the old world" and fill up with thrills by measuring the zombies that now inhabit the ruins of civilization. And maybe sometimes meet interesting survivors ...

- Store, accumulate, organize the different resources and objects obtained by these different activities. (Often criticized, this way of accumulating food is a natural behavior of adaptation to the environment, even in real life!)

- Lastly, an incountournable: put to the test the ingenuity of my defensive constructions and my fighting skills against the constant flow of zombies during blood moons.


But what I liked above all was that I had the CHOICE with which of these activities I was going to spend my time! This sensation of LIBERT'E in the progression of my adventure! Also I appreciated the contrast and the synergy between these different activities that managed to deceive the boredom.

(Despite some imperatives: Forge -> Clay -> Iron = Grill - Marmite - Wrought iron, etc ... But most followed a basic logic of survival, adaptation and especially I was FREE of when and how I went undertake these actions.)


In the A17 I have the impression that most of these activities have gone to the background. There is only one that counts: KILL ZOMBIES !! I admit that it is captivating sometimes, but not constantly and especially when it is IMPOSE to the player! From now on it is the ONLY activity which gives enough XP to progress!

If I want to kill cretures / zombies in groups of 50 I play Killing Floor 2, there is more choice of weapons and it is even more enjoyable!


Mining activity? It's a BLAGUE! Already in the A16 early game was a chore even with iron tools ... Now we are forced to use a stone shovel, it feels like digging with his hands! In fact it has become strictly useless (or almost) to undermine, at the beginning of the game in any case. In any case we have no forge to use the resources obtained ...


Digging at night to collect resources and at the same time hiding potential hordes of runners was an exemplary gameplay model in the A16! Now if you're unlucky enough to have a horde, it'll get into your hole even better than a golf ball hit by Tiger Woods! Death 100% assured!


This is NEVER good gameplay if the death of the player is certain, he must make a mistake. If now I have to secure the entrance of my mine as well as my base I will need more resource guys! (See above how difficult it is to get resources.)


Construction? Useless! Mainly because of the only active active LCB. Why would I build anything if anyone can destroy it or fly? For now I have the impression that this is the new direction that takes the gameplay, a style nomadic and forced casual.


I still have a lot to say and I might do it on this forum or in my evaluation of the game. But for the moment there are still some points that I would like to see developed / changed in the game:


- Easily find bikes ready for use in cities

- A spawn (the number of zombies) ADAPTED TO THE LEVEL OF THE PLAYER !!! In other words, an ascending rise in the amount of zombies present in the POIs but also in the probability of having a wandering horde.

- Decrease DRASTICALLY the probability of crossing a solitary wandering zombie (genus 75%). To have a zombie that sticks to you when you cut a tree in the middle of nowhere quickly becomes painful if it's too often.

- The skills. There may be 5% of the changes that I found interesting, but not enough tested to give me a definite opinion. But in terms of level restrictions it's a categorical NO! For the forge for example I would have preferred a larger amount of materials needed for manufacturing.


I said it's a hot notice and I only played a few hours ... So I used google for translation ...

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