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  1. Thanks for this tool. Now the problems! It seems that it is possible that the quantity of a POI is 0? How can this happen when we can sometimes find several dozen of the same POI while some are completely missing? Couldn't the "min" value in the list be 1 by default to avoid this? Another less important defect, why can't we choose the quantity for the forest biome? (I finally made my own biome on GIMP but it @%$#es me off)
  2. ok thanks i will try this for the correct orientation to the road. But in fact what I would like is to override this RWG placement method, that the road side of my prefab is always facing west in the world. I desperately tried to add this to the xml of my prefab but it obviously had no effect: <property name = "rotationMin" value = "0" /> <property name = "rotationMax" value = "0" /> <property name = "rotationStepAmount" value = "0" /> I found this in the rwgmixer.xml like it would work hahahah I think I'll drop it for now, maybe one day we can add effects like smoke or steam more simply in the prefab editor. I would possibly suggest it to the devs ... Or I could find out if there is this somewhere in a mod, but hey ...
  3. West Otherwise I always use Nitrogen to generate my test maps. But does the RWG Vanilla also generate randomly oriented POIs?
  4. I will still specify to be clear, the smoke will always take the same direction regardless of the prefab. So when the RWG generates prefabs with random orientations the smoke it does not change (its origin does change yes but not its direction) and since it does not go up in a straight line it will be offset from the sauna. Good orientation Bad orientation, The prefab has turned but not the smoke otherwise it would be more to the left .
  5. Yes this solution can work if I place the prefab manually but I would like to do the same with the RWG since I will share this prefabs, it would be more practical! Finally I doubt that it is possible ... There is only in very particular cases like mine that this function would be useful, the devs will not be @%$#ed off to integrate useless stuff like that! I think I'll leave it like this ...
  6. Can we define somewhere the orientation that each generated prefabs will have for a specific prefab? I put a sauna in my house and put chimneys underneath (very far) to give the impression that there is steam in the room, but it only works in the orientation where I 've built the prefab!
  7. Yes I generated a map with only my prefabs on it so I could see that it is the same on ten of them. A screenshot where it seems more obvious (or I'm crazy!): Otherwise I reproduced what I thought was the origin of the bug and I was wrong! It does not cause this bug to replace concrete land blocks with adaptable humus (tested on house_modern_09). It is not a very serious bug, it is above all the curiosity to understand where it comes from. Maybe it's because of Nitrogen, I would see when I would generate a map from the game ... In the meantime I was able to manually place dry grass, which looks good in all biomes (no screenshot). I will anyway release this prefab on Nexus in a few days, a week max.
  8. It is set to "false" for all my prefabs and most of the ones in the game as well ... Yet in my situation biome grass is well generated on most of my prefab area, it is only in a few places that grass is missing. I'm going to try to manually place some grass (adaptable to the biome, does that exist?), I haven't thought about it until here ...
  9. I wanted to create a new prefab to see if with that would fix the problem, but when I pasted my prefab I had this kind of errors: 2021-09-01T22:53:36 2508.724 WRN MG build 1057, 1058 2021-09-01T22:53:38 2510.220 WRN MG build 545, 546 2021-09-01T22:53:55 2526.926 INF TileEntityPowerSource not found (5, 76, 143) 2021-09-01T22:53:55 2526.926 INF PowerSource not found (5, 76, 143) Failed setting triangles. Some indices are referencing out of bounds vertices. IndexCount: 2820, VertexCount: 575 (Filename: C:\buildslave\unity\build\Runtime/Graphics/Mesh/Mesh.cpp Line: 1235) Failed setting triangles. Some indices are referencing out of bounds vertices. IndexCount: 2820, VertexCount: 575 (Filename: C:\buildslave\unity\build\Runtime/Graphics/Mesh/Mesh.cpp Line: 1235) I don't know if it's related. I think my prefab is too big or is my 4 smoke chimney placed upside down ...? Result there is only one part which is paste.
  10. Hello, I made my prefab from house_modern_09. I replaced concrete terrain blocks with adaptable humus blocks but grass does not appear on these blocks once on a generated map. I hope to find an answer here on how to fix this...
  11. Awesome because of this DMT I tried to load a game when half of my mods were no longer installed, my save is screwed up, thanks guys really! I did not see that the build had not succeeded ... @%$#ing bogus the system ... 4et4e5ezhtfftdhz And with the game launched on DMT we can no longer make screenshots, this tool is a game breaker. Please make this mod without the need for DMT !!! Do I really have to run the game with DMT or just use build once and then I can run my game from steam?
  12. Can we only use DMT for this mod? I mean do a "build" only for this mod and leave my other mods in the game mods folder? I'm having issues with my other mods, DMT is updating things without my consent while my mods are working fine and don't need this. Also some of my mods are created by others and improved by me, I don't want DMT to come in there! There is even a mod that is not supported by DMT at all "Admin Skill Points"
  13. I would prefer when the new POIs were listed separately (on the .txt Nitrogen), it would be very convenient for me. From the CP46 I made a sort and keep only what I wanted. Now with CP47 I will have to copy / paste the new POIs one by one ... (At least there is the list of new ones on the DL page) Apart from that, let it be clear, the POIs restricted by biome (so the Modlet file?) are only for the Vanilla RWG?
  14. ok thanks i will try. (I had already dabbled in Localization.txt but I had not had good results ... This bag of knots ... You know this feeling that it is the man in the service of the machine when this should be the other way around ... In addition the day when machines are smart enough to interact with humans without the intermediary of a computer language they will also be smart enough to rebel against our aspirations to use them! Haha what a waste of time... )
  15. Thanks for this mod! (Personally 90% of what it is made of is useless. I could make a constructive criticism but it is a mod and therefore optional.) I will therefore try to keep what I like, but concerning weapons is it possible to remove the holographic display of the name of the weapon? (Regarding fireworks I consider that in a post-apo world the making and use of this kind of futile things seems unlikely. Yet that might make sense. Have you seen the Land of the Dead movie? This movie might inspire you to incorporate a cool feature into fireworks. When fireworks explode in the (night) sky the zombies stop and look up at the sky! There is even already a function which allows to "freeze" the AI in the DM, F3 and * I think ...) Actually I don't think this mechanic would be believable in 7D2D because zombies are smarter, but at least that would justify the use of fireworks ...) (Regarding the Desert Eagle textures, is it possible that they come from a very old CSS skin? See screenshot.)
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