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softer, harder. NO SOFTER! NO HARDER!


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Unfortunately the title isn't some perverted porn thread.


A quick look at the feedback and we can all see some are hating the tedious grind and some are loving the survival challenge. What some of you don't seem to understand is that TFP have already catered to as many ppl as possible.


Some of you think playing on easier settings is some evil sin. It really isn't.


Don't like bullet sponges? It's one hit kill on lower settings (which is very accurate to the history of zombie lore), think less of yourself? No because no matter what settings you play on warrior, insane whatever, by end game everyone will be one hit killing zombies cept for the harder zombies and bosses. The only difference is some don't like grind and want to be stronger early game and some like to grind/survive to reach that same exact goal.


The only thing stopping you enjoying the game again is your ego to not change settings.


+ No zombie loot? Bump the loot drop to 200% u will find everything u want. Think less of yourself?

+ Loot drop at 50% or even 25% = the same exact results, everyone will have their reinforced concrete castle and purple quality everything, some just like to grind/survive the extra hrs.


+ Dam u TFP where the hell is my day 1 forge?

+ Forges are littered all over! And if you are 1 hit killing zombies you'll reach lvl 20 in no time. What is this fixation on the bloody forge like it's some holy grail.


+ Death penalty is gay and too long? Open console and remove it after how short u want it to be. Think less of yourself?

+ The grinding elitists just wasted 1hr to get to where u are.


+ Vultures and dogs OP? Lower settings they'll feel like paper cuts. Think less of yourself?

+ Harder difficulties grind all the way to max health, purple armor, max pain reduction and guess what they'll also feel like paper cuts, u just saved yourself the tedious hours.


And if u have problems dealing with paper cuts no one can help u.


$10 for a number of game settings to suit your fun or $60-$100 AAA titles with no settings and around 8hrs to completion, (ok admittedly RDR2 looks pretty good).





Want less tedium and feel strong early game? Let go of your ego and change some settings.


Think you are hardcore on insane? Grind an extra xxxhrs to be exactly where the easier settings are.


Choose your settings everybody wins. Saying "Goodbye 7dtd thx for all the fun hours" you're just missing out.


*But can TFP just please remove respawning sleepers gawd they're so stupid it's worse than Far Cry 2 back in the day.

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Ahh... the classic 'find a way around the problem' reaction to criticism.


Its not that people desperately need forges early on, or they dont know how to type in commands, its that the newly implemented level gating is in no way fun or rewarding. Forge at level 20 is just an example of how tedious and restrictive the system is.


It is not ego that makes people dislike some parts of the update, its the fact that we have played better. If the new buildings and zombie AI were added to a16, I bet more people would play that then a17. To me, a player who purchased it in a16, and spent a couple hundred hours playing in a month, it feels like a step back.

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