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Having issues applying Gravity and ProjectileVelocity to pistol/9mm ammo.

Deceptive Pastry

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Started off just wondering if I could, now I really want it to work. Looking for some help with this.


Tried copying over the following from ammoArrowStone to ammo9mmBullet:


<property class="Action1">

<property name="Class" value="Projectile"/>

<property name="Explosion.ParticleIndex" value="0"/> <!-- no expl. -->

<property name="FlyTime" value="0"/>

<property name="Gravity" value="-4"/>

<property name="LifeTime" value="12"/>



As well as the following to effect_group:


<passive_effect name="ProjectileVelocity" operation="base_set" value="20"/>


This didn't work, 9mm pistol was still hitscan. Just to verify I added stone arrows to the pistol magazine items. Was able to load and fire them but this turned the arrows into hitscan rather than projectiles. Figured it was something with the pistol itself then. Tried changing gunPistol Action0 > Class "Ranged" to "Launcher" like the nailgun/crossbow use. This fired stone arrows and the modified ammo9mmBullet properly with gravity/velocity, but caused other weird issues like only the first round fired shot the projectile, then as I continued firing the magazine emptied properly but no more projectiles would be fired. Reloading wouldn't fix it but switching weapons then back to the pistol allowed me to fire the first stone arrow / 9mm round again. Tried comparing all values to the nailgun and just couldn't figure out why the pistol was doing that.


So I'm wondering either:


1. Are all Class = "Ranged" hardcoded to be hitscan and not use projectiles?

2. Any ideas why the pistol is acting weird when Class is changed to Launcher?

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