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RFI - Key changes


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We've been reading for days from a lot of players posting in these forums and the steam forums about how all these things stink. I've yet to see any confirmation from someone with a yellow name to say "yea, those are working as intended or no we're looking at making changes to that or no that's going to be adjusted".


I assume you've all been working hard for weeks/months and are trying to give your staff a normal Turkey Day vacation. Some feedback would be appreciated if you're piddling around the forums though.


Level gating (more restrictive)


LCB Quantity (devastating to all multiplayer servers)

Mining/Block Upgrade Speed (severely reduced, good god why)

Agility (slower walk speed, can't sprint strafe or backpedal)

Sound range


I like to build many, enormous bases that cost tons of resources. I have a fulll time job. These changes have basically killed the game for me.



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