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A17/b199 (Exp) - Update available on Steam (~1.5Gb)


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There is a bug tracker thread for this already and it's available here..




* fixes and additions are listed at the bottom of the first post


Several things have been changed, and quite a few show stopping bugs have been introduced so don't expect b199 to stick around long, however while it is, here is a thread to discuss it on.


One immediate difference between b197 and b199 is the zombie difficulty. Starting as a fresh spawn in b197 with Nomad (default) difficulty had zombies around your spawn area take 4 or 5 club hits and numerous arrows just to go down, let alone kill them outright. In the limited testing I did in the new b199 build I was able to wipe out low level zombies (standard forest dwellers) with several power attacks with the club, and as little as 4 arrows.


Sadly performance has dropped in this build. Not by much, I mean for me it was already a touch and go situation as it runs like a 3 legged dog on my PC, but overall it just feels more "janky" and with the extra fps loss it really is a struggle to get it constantly above 20 fps in some of the POIs. Before anyone asks, yes I am on pretty much as low quality as you can get without it looking like a poorly animated Rorschach.

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Have you tried lowering the resolution? I found it helped immensely with POI lag without looking too terrible. It let me turn the other settings back up to high.


I presume this was aimed at me, essentially I have very low settings as it is. I play at 1600x900 with just about everything turned off or at their lowest settings. I needed to up the quality so the grass wasn't a complete mess (try it, set everything to low - you'll need to restart the game to do so, mind - and checkout the state of the grass!), but other than that it's pretty much baseline settings.


I played build 197 with the same settings and I managed to eke out an existence with PoI's dropping to the low 20's, but the new build (199) and on the same settings it's now below that. I cannot keep a constant 20+ fps in a PoI now.


My kit is near the low end in terms of single core IPC (it's an FX8320) so I shouldn't expect it to look glorious and run well but the new build just edges me below the line of "tolerable". Not that I'm complaining. Obviously I want more FPS, but the game is still experimental. It should be noted A16 runs like a dog on my PC too, and despite some really good positives to A17 one major disappointment is the poor performance when in reality the newer Unity builds should address such things as multi core support.

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