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First 5 hours of A17


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It's tough learning a new system and trying to survive, but survive I did, for 4 days in a small town, despite the fact that I couldn't figure out why my health was capped at 52. by Day 4 I still haven't died and that's when I find the PoI that was both a boon and a bane. I went in through the garage and fought my way through 3 floors of sleeper zombies while collecting the best loot I have ever found...pistols, ammo, cooking pot, schematics, etc. Then I stepped on a damn landmine in the upstairs bedroom and blew myself to smithereens. I couldn't believe it.


It was a lot of fun though. I did get my stuff back and now I know bandages remove the health cap. Still can't believe I have to wait until level 20 to craft healing bandages though. Ouch.

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