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LCB Issues


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Single player, using lcb. I heard you can move your forge etc. Using lcb but it isn't working for me. Does anyone else have this issue? What am I doing wrong here? Am I an idiot?




(edit added comment by QA Tester-unholyjoe)

hi mine,


i just went into game and tested this.


1. i grabbed a campfire and placed it down

2. attempt to pick up and cant

3. i then place down LCB

4. try again and succeeded

5. placed down a work bench and no lcb and could not pick up

6. placed down an lcb and was able to pick up


*** after your lcb is down you must press the "USE" key and hold to get the radial which will show a hand.. move cursor over the hand to take (wait for the timer dial to tick down and then it goes to your inventory) ***


you do not need a wrench


note you can not find someone elses and place down a block to expect to steal it... it only works on things you own/crafted. i found a camp site with a campfire and placed down an LCB and it did not work.


hope this helps

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