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Minigames - One Player / Two Player


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Would be fun if you could build a table ingame that facilitates games.


One or two players sit at a table..


Option window pops up: One player, two player, three etc


First person who sat at the table clicks 'Two player'


List of games pop up.. they can be..


Chess, Russian Roulette (Must have Magnum?) Go Fish, Poker, etc.. ( Must have pack of cards from trader? )


It'd be nice to pass some time with ingame friends at times. Maybe even have a slot machine that spits Dukes if you manage to earn a feature.




Of course, big, hard stretch of an idea.. but, thought it'd be cool. Pretty sure people would say it'd be better if a mod did it, but, I personally think it'd be awesome if it was in the actual game.. some people just prefer to not go out at night.

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