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>> To All Modders << A17 Logic Gates??? What do you think?


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Having a good look over the updates and how the Buff system works.....


... I think I might see a way to simulate basic logic gates.



- OR

- NOR [maybe]

- XAND [also maybe]

- XNOR [also also maybe]


If you read the patch notes you'll see what I mean.


I'm hoping someone smarter than me will confirm this... or at least the possibility.


Monday release means we all get to sink our teeth into A17.

Was hoping that if one of us figures out those logic gates,


could we please post it here for everyone to use?


One of the absolute best things about 7DTD is how the Modding Community sticks together.




I'm hoping we can make this work.... at least to some limited extent.




~ Lucky

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