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More realistic and more fun


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I have currently made 44 mods/file changes to my alpha 16.4 game. These make the game way more fun and others just make it that bit more normal. Here are some of my changes:

Sinks and toilets give murky water- a pipe system would be nice.

Made the map bigger

Configured some biomes

Crossbow has 3 shot rounds

Made jar of poison

Made poison arrows

Made zombie meat from rotten flesh

Made new armour set

Made a healing pad

Edited some weapons damage

Edited zombies block damage as was way to high

Added way more recipes

Made nails craftable

Made sinks craftable

No radiation damage - just testing if it would work - it does

Made some zombies harder

And lots more but I would like to see a few other things

Boats/rafts - craftable


Cars that work

A better electric system

Different enemies- spiders,bees,tigers

More wildlife- pigs/sheep/cows/birds - all harvestable


More traps to kill zombies

More foods / food recipes and growable foods


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